Daniel Risis

Daniel Risis Knows the Value of Education

Having knowledge is important. In whatever field of work you go into, you want to be knowledgeable about the work you do. Daniel Risis knows how important a strong educational platform.


New York City, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/03/2012 -- When students graduate from high school in today’s era parents, family, and friends aren’t just hopeful you’ll go to college, they expect you’ll go to college. Like many high school students, Daniel Risis didn’t hear people ask, “Are you going to go to college?” Instead, people asked him, “So where are you going to go to college?” Not that expecting higher education is a bad thing, it has just become more of the social norm.

Of course, like many millions of Americans, Daniel Risis is a proud college graduate. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree from a private university called Pace University. Pace University is located in the New York Metropolitan area with a campus in New York City as well as a campus in Westchester County.

Daniel Risis is justifiably proud of his accomplishment. Having a degree of any kind shows to other people, as well as employers, that as an individual you have the ability to finish what you start. Since degrees aren’t earned over night, having a college degree shows that people like Daniel Risis is reliable and dependable as well as goal-orientated and dedicated.

Daniel Risis’ university education also gave him a platform of which to build his successful career. Being part of a successful business is part of the American dream, and Daniel Risis has built on his school-learned knowledge to make a successful career for himself. What he learned in college, Daniel Risis was able to adapt and use in his professional career as a jeweler and pawnbroker.

Daniel Risis has learned the additional skills and knowledge necessary to become a successful jeweler. He is able to tell the difference between real precious gems and synthetic ones, as well as evaluate the value of peoples’ possessions when they bring them in to pawn. Daniel Risis was able to add both of these skills to his college education. Daniel Risis knows that no education goes to waste.

Daniel Risis is very thankful for the education he has received. He is still aware that he isn’t done learning. Daniel Risis learns new skills everyday; usually these skills are people skills needed for working with the public or knowledge relevant to the jewelry or pawn business.

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