Daniele Marinelli – A Success Story of a Visionary Fintech and Cryptocurrency Entrepreneur


Riga City, Latvia -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/22/2021 -- Daniele Marinelli is a 49 years-old entrepreneur of Roman origins who for 23 years has "lent" himself to the most important business groups as an accountant and consultant. A great lover of economics and technology, Daniele Marinelli has succeeded in the difficult task of transforming his greatest passions into a "new" profession, abandoning the helm of the companies he worked for and deciding to take a very unpredictable business, leaping into the dark for investing in the digital future and especially in cryptocurrencies. As we all know, digital coins saw their birth in 2009 thanks to an anonymous inventor who placed the now well-known Bitcoin on the market. Daniele Marinelli in 2010 was one of the very first Italian entrepreneurs to buy Bitcoin, betting on the great potential of this parallel economy and the technology on which it is based: the blockchain. It is from this increasingly growing interest that Daniele Marinelli, in 2016, began to analytically study cryptocurrencies based on economic systems, leading to the creation of one of the most ambitious projects in terms of virtual currencies: DT Coin, that gives power to DT Circle.

The DT Circle

Thanks to his wide knowledge of the economic field, Daniele has well understood how perfectly oiled and complementary gears are necessary for the functioning of an economic system, where the user can feel protected, integrated and, in the end, a protagonist.

Hence, he built up a revolutionary and advanced platform defined by the following areas:

1) DT Live: the social network of the DT Circle. In this area, users can interact with each other and share their experiences. Each interaction and sharing corresponds to an economic value in DT Coin

2) DT Merchant: a real shop where you can make purchases in DT Coin. It is the place where buyers and sellers meet

3) DT Academy: this is the platform's high-level training program. Through DT Academy it is possible to participate in courses of various kinds

4) DT Charity: the means to finance charitable projects, advertising them within the DT Live and collecting donations in DTCOIN.

The DT ecosystem

Of the many utilities that are part of the ecosystem created by the entrepreneur Daniele Marinelli, it is worth mentioning:

-DT Wallet: an online wallet that allows the management of wallets on computers and through certified applications for Android and Windows systems

-DT Pay: a simple app to manage digital currency in an easy and fast way, directly from your smartphone

-DT Cash: a decentralized digital currency, characterized by proof of stake (POS) or proof of job (POJ) mining

-DPos: a system that differs from traditional POS in the simplicity with which the user can purchase DTCOIN, starting to earn from the following day, without having to synchronize wallet or control his computer;

-DT Card: using a VISA or a Mastercard credit card, users can freely spend their coins

-DT Bank: the creation of a credit institution digitally signed by DT Circle.

UUP Social: Messaging app that guarantees high-level privacy

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