Danielle Faith

Danielle Faith Seeks Support Through Crowd Funding


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/14/2012 -- Thousands of people in this world live every day without realizing what a beautiful life surrounds them. The quirky little laugh, the smile that lights up even the darkest days from a stranger, even the silly things that could drive you insane unless you stopped and looked at it in a different light, all these are things you should cherish! When negativity plagues our daily existence isn't there a place you just want to escape?

A simple positive thought can make a world of difference. When you spill coffee on your shirt and you're already running late, if you take a second to laugh instead of cry, it can change your entire day. Negativity is like a domino effect; one negative thought can infect your entire day and change the outlook and interaction with every person you see. Everyone needs a little reminder, a nudge to look at the glass half-full instead of half-empty, and that's what this campaign is aimed for.

Danielle Faith, simple name, incredible mission-one person working to change thousands of people’s mindset one video blog at a time. It seems simple enough, to create videos to make one simple moment in your life smile-worthy. Positivity is infectious; one smile to one stranger can create a change in thousands of people. Yet it’s not as easy as it seems. Video blogging has become competitive where only the blood-thirsty survive and excel who have the best equipment.

Just with a small donation you can help further the amazing powers of encouraging words in today’s tough mindset. Bullying has been more advertised recently due to tragic occurrences all over the country. When surrounded by terrorism, war, and defeat at every turn due to natural disasters, there could be a place for you to turn at the end of your long day, and watch an uplifting message to take a second, stop, breathe, and relish in the possibilities of now. A daily reminder of what is and what could be.

Encourage your neighbor, your family, and your friends to simply stop and think about how little things can be so amazing and are a gift. Think about how every day we are lucky to live, and how some people aren’t so lucky and would give anything to spend one more day with their loved ones. This world needs people like you, people to spread the love instead of the hate and derogatory comments that seem to be thrown around more and more each day. Hate does nothing but spread more hate. Positivity can change everything.

Successful or not she encourages you to check out her campaign here: http://igg.me/p/245447?a=1560445 or visit her positively infectious website at http://www.daniellefaith.me/ or if you have any questions email her at Dani@DanielleFaith.me