Danish Office Supply Launches Ergonomic Office Chair Line

Denmark's leading office chair supplier will soon showcase collection in the U.S.


Copenhagen, Denmark -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/22/2016 -- Dansk Kontorstole Forsyning ApS, also known as Danish Office Supply, is thrilled to announce the launch of their brand new collection of premier office chairs. The all-new collection will soon be available to consumers across the United States.

Danish Office Supply is pleased to release a collection of finely crafted, 100 percent ergonomic office chairs for all styles. Whether customers are looking for classic, traditional, or contemporary office chairs, they can find a wide selection of world-class office chairs at Danish Office Supply.

Currently, the team at Danish Office Supply offers more than 75 designs. Customers can easily browse and select their favorite office chair by perusing the company's selection of workplace, home, and office desk chairs. These chairs can be easily purchased in a variety of colors, heights, and materials. In addition, Danish Office Supply can outfit chairs with a variety of exciting features, including extra high gas lift and specialty wheels. The company also provides a variety of office chairs with high backs and day office chairs with low backs.

Danish Office Supply understands that choosing the ideal color for an office chair is of utmost importance, which is why their expert team provides selections in classic black, white, red, beige, cream, blue, brown, white, and more.

All chairs are ergonomic to create the most efficient workspace possible, and Danish Office Supply backs each purchase with a number of incentives.

For instance, each customer can take advantage of a 24 month warranty, free shipping direct to door, a company satisfaction guarantee, and free extras including soft wheels, feet, and more.

While Danish Office Supply offers an impressive collection of office chairs, some customers are surprised to find that the company offers XXL chairs, stools, 12 hour chairs, and other unique products. All chairs come with armrests that can be easily detached, further customizing usage.

Danish Office Supply is proud to offer Denmark's most comprehensive, competitively priced range of office chairs.

"You also get a stamp of quality showing each product is ISO 9001 accredited," said the company's team. Danish Office Supply is committed to providing a high level of quality and comfort at excellent values, and their team is pleased to announce that these values will soon be extended to consumers in the U.S.

According to Danish Office Supply, they will soon offer their leading line of office chairs to consumers across the United States. Whether business owners, professionals, or employees are looking for the ideal desk chair, they will be able to turn to Danish Office Supply for help.

Danish Office Supply offers flexible, reliable payment options and international shipping. In Denmark, delivery times are usually within 1-3 days, and the company hasn't announced the method of shipping they'll be using with American consumers.

More information can be found at http://dankontorstole.dk/.

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Dansk Kontorstole Forsyning ApS, or Danish Office Supply, is Denmark's premier supplier of office chairs.

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