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Danny Sawrij LinkedIn Connections See Crowdfunding Websites Like Fundly and Just Giving Benefiting Charities


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/25/2014 -- Crowdfunding websites, like Fundly and Just Giving are making it easier for charities to highlight their cause. In the past, charities had to spend a great deal of time and money to highlight their cause, and educate others about their mission. Previously, charities had to spend a great deal of money to advertise their cause on television, on the radio, and in newspapers or magazines. However, in an age where the Internet is a part of most people’s day-to-day life, it has become much easier for charities to increase their visibility and get more donations.

On crowdfunding websites, such as Just Giving, anyone can set up their own donation page to raise money for a worthy cause. Danny Sawrij Facebook friends and anyone else that would like to donate can view the Danny Sawrij profile on Just Giving. Sawrij is the managing director of the Leo Group Ltd. Sawrij took over the company, in 1988, when he was just 19 years old. The Danny Sawrij Just Giving page raises money for the Jane Tomlinson Appeal. Daniel “Danny Sawrij” is an entrepreneur and philanthropist from the UK. This appeal supports children who have cancer. This is an example of just one of the many great donation pages that are easily accessible on the Just Giving Website. The donation pages on sites like Just Giving tell the reader all about the charity, and show them how to donate, all on one page. This makes donating money much simpler. Crowdfunding websites, however, don’t just make it easier for people to donate to charity, but they also make it easier for charities to highlight their cause. Links to these websites can easily be shared over social media, which immediately gives the cause a larger audience, of potentially thousands or even millions of people.

About Fundly
Fundly is an online platform, which allows people to raise money for charitable organisations, and donate money to charitable organisations. It is a crowdfunding website, which has become immensely popular since it first began. Fundly was founded in 2009, and now it is one of the most popular online platforms for fundraising. Using the Fundly platform, people can raise money for a worthy cause, or they can donate money themselves. To find out more about Fundly, visit their website.

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