Danny Sawrij Twitter Member Learns That the Site Is Rated Number One for User Privacy Protection


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/10/2013 -- Danny Sawrij Twitter user recently found out that The EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation) had evaluated the transparency and privacy of eighteen of the world’s most well known internet companies, and later revealed that and Twitter were the best out of the group.

Each of the companies was examined based on six criteria; the EFF checked whether or not the sites would fight for the privacy of their users in court, whether they have published guidelines on law enforcement issues, whether they have published transparency reports, whether they inform users when the government requests data, and whether they would ask for a warrant prior to giving the authorities information about users. and Twitter earned a star for each of the six criteria, and a representative from EFF remarked that they were impressed by the level of commitment which these two companies had demonstrated, particularly regarding their transparency.

The EFF representative also pointed out how reluctant Twitter had been to offer user data to police following the case of Malcolm Harris, the Occupy Wall Street Protester. have shown themselves to be just as careful when it comes to handling user data – this company chose to challenge a demand from the government for data, during the WikiLeaks investigation. At the time, released a statement in which they explained that as an online service provider, they are a gatekeeper for the privacy of consumers and always aim to protect their customers. It would seem logical that the world’s biggest (and richest) internet companies would do well in these kinds of evaluations, as they have the funding to, for example, go to court to protect user privacy. However many of the wealthy internet companies mentioned on the Danny Sawrij rich list scored quite low in the EFF evaluation.

Danny Sawrij Facebook member noticed that this internet company did not make the EFF list, and some of the companies that were included, did not fare as well as Twitter and Verizon and MySpace got the lowest scores, just as they did when the EFF carried out the same evaluation last year. Low rankings were also given to AT&T. Danny Sawrij LinkedIn user read on the career networking site that other members are hoping to see LinkedIn included in the EFF evaluation next year.

Some of the sites that were new to the list included WordPress and Tumblr, both of whom scored quite well in terms of standing up to law enforcement when it came to publishing user details, and requesting a warrant before doing so.

Name: John Johnson
Location: UK, London