Dapa Marketing Predicts the Future of Successful Marketing Strategies


London, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/31/2017 -- Leading regional marketing company, dapa Marketing have made a prediction that search engine optimisation (SEO) will be the next up and coming marketing strategy of choice for businesses all over the UK.

dapa Marketing have been specialising in the innovative, modern and niche marketing strategy of SEO for over a decade, and are now predicting that search engine success will continue to become increasingly important in the overall prosperity of a company.

SEO involves using a variety of offsite and onsite techniques to grow a company's online visibility by targeting keywords likely to be searched by potential clients, and employing tactics which will ensure the company is attaining the most forefront positions on the search results.

As technology continues to advance, online companies are becoming more accessible via smart phones and the constant use of laptops, tablets and computers both at work and at home on a daily basis. The high reliance on technology in recent years means that many people are sourcing products and services they need online rather than elsewhere. This means that a company's online presence is essential in order to gain clients and make sales.

It has been suggested that 70% of online endeavours start with a Google search. This will often start with an individual searching for a keyword or term on Google or any other search engine. dapa Marketing have suggested that this figure highlights the importance of SEO for the success of a company online.

In order for a company to make the most of their online presence, they must appear at a high ranking on the Google search they have conducted. This will ensure their search visibility is high, making more impressions on potential clients and increasing the likelihood that a Google user will click on their website.

Research has shown that 75% of search engine users never scroll past the first page of the search results, revealing the importance of a good ranking for relevant keywords.

Highly successful companies such as dapa Marketing themselves claim that their success has been made via their own SEO tactics, as they have ensured to be placed at the top of the rankings for all of their most relevant keyword searches.

When attempting to heighten the search engine ranking of a company, it is important to employ the correct tactics, otherwise obvious campaigns and unruly online behaviour can result in penalties from Google. One such penalty could involve a website not even being allowed to rank at all in Google searches. It is highly advisable to employ a specialist agency such as dapa Marketing to take care of a website's SEO to ensure that penalties are not incurred and SEO efforts are of good value.

dapa Marketing are the largest SEO company in the region, and they predict that their success will continue to grow as SEO popularity continues to become the most highly valued marketing strategy for many business people.

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