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DAPA Products: Manufacturing Quality Products with Exceptional Customer Service

DAPA Products continues to lead the industry by manufacturing high-quality products for window, door, and screen applications, as well as upholstery by providing exceptional customer service to customers.


Jasper, AL -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/26/2018 -- In the manufacturing industry, customers complain about other manufacturers having low quality products and no customer service. When they find DAPA Products, they find a manufacturer who consistently produces high quality fenestration products for the window, door, and screen markets, as well as upholstery products with exceptional customer service.

DAPA Products Changed The Industry

DAPA Products started as a distributor for the window and door, fenestration, and plastics products industries. When they discovered that other manufacturers produced low quality products using off grade, scrap, or reprocessed raw materials, DAPA decided to become a manufacturer. Since then, DAPA Products consistently produce the highest quality products possible using only the best virgin raw materials.

The result has been amazing with customers around the world. DAPA Products stands behind their product 100% and exceeds the needs of their customers. This commitment to high quality has changed many customers' viewpoints.

They no longer seek low quality products because they lose customers. Instead, they buy higher quality that allows their company to be the best in the market. We also manufacture entirely in the USA.

DAPA Innovates New Markets

DAPA Products listens to the complaints of the industry and seeks to innovate. The workers who install screen spline often complained of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. DAPA created an easier way for them to install screen spline.

We used a different raw material mix and changed the manufacturing process to invent DAPA Foam Spline. It was a new product to the window and screening market and reduced the stress of screen installation. DAPA Foam Screen Spline is now a favorite choice in the industry for many major manufacturers. As screen spline manufacturing demand continues to grow, DAPA Products is poised to meet the needs of the industry.

Exceptional Customer Service

DAPA Products believes that customers need to have a point of contact to speak to about their order, products, and manufacturing lead times. We aim to please our customers by having expert customer service representatives available.

DAPA Products has customer-oriented business practices with a priority on fostering relationships of trust and dependability with our customers. We manufacture a wide variety of fenestration products for the window, door, and screening applications, as well as products for the upholstery industry, including DAPA Products' Braided Welt Cord.

DAPA Products serves the manufacturing, distribution, and DIY industries. To buy online or to place a large order, visit http://www.DAPAProducts.com. To order by phone or make an inquiry, call us at 800-229-3181.

About DAPA Products
DAPA Products is known, not just for the Foam Welt Cord, but the highly demanded Foam Screen Spline, along with many more goods in the window, door, and upholstered furniture industries and braided products for the upholstery furniture industry. DAPA runs several extrusion lines 24 hours a day, 5 days per week. Foam Screen Spline has helped to reduce the stress of screening and now is the favored choice for many major manufacturers. Thanks to the support of our many friends and customers, a small beginning has proved to be highly successful. Foam Welt Cord and Foam Screen Spline are still our main products but we now provide many other products for these markets and several other industries.

DAPA Products
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