Dare to Dream, Play to Win

Dare to Dream, Play to Win by Johnathon J. Smith...An Inspiration for Student Athletes

This new children’s book will be released on November 2013 with the purpose of encouraging young ones to learn team sports


Hollywood, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/29/2013 -- Universities and colleges usually recruit and give importance to students with athletic skills. However, dealing with the recruiters from various colleges’ athletic departments is never easy. Surviving in an atmosphere where students have to concentrate on their studying and exams along with sports seems to be very difficult.

Johnathon J. Smith is a former football player for the University of Connecticut, who intends to inspire and encourage student athletes with his new book named Dare To Dream, Play To Win. This book is about to be released in the month of November 2013 and, for the release, this author requires the support of people from all streams.

Smith is trying to raise funds for his new project via Kickstarter.com. This book is said to be filled with honest and realistic experiences and inspiring events in the life of the author himself, which will teach kids all effective ways to achieve success.

The path towards becoming a successful athlete is sprinkled with hard stones; therefore students are suggested to become more committed to sports. The author also guarantees that by reading the book, or using the new App, aspirants will get sufficient motivation to reach their goal. Through the crowd-funding platform Kickstarter.com, parents can help this useful project come to life.

No funds raised are said to be transferred for the purpose of releasing Dare To Dream, Play To Win, until the closing date. The amount required for this cause is $1,600.00. The author will be releasing another book exclusively for adults with the same title soon after the success expected for this children’s book.

The author says, “The values and ethics you learn in becoming successful in college and sports can carry you to equally great victories in business, my book will show you how to prepare yourself for a successful business journey by learning those values and practicing how to make quick but effective decisions.”

The college athletic scholarship can open many opportunities to students. The advice and proven secretes provided in this book guarantee to position the reader in a better place.

To get more information about Dare To Dream, Play To Win’s fundraiser program, visit http://www.daretodreamplaytowin.com

About Johnathon J. Smith
Johnathon J. Smith is a former football player for the University of Connecticut after that Smith transferred to the University of Delaware where a greater emphasis was placed on academics. His rich and powerful experiences as a student athlete are likely to inspire emerging student athletes. In his new book Dare To Dream, Play To Win, Smith explains the pain and effort required for achieving success in sports.

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