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Dark Corner: A Pink Ouija Board Is an Unlikely Portal to New and Treacherous Realms.

The Adventures of Robin Wingfield: Dark Corner is the first in a series about a seemingly ordinary girl who comes to the startling realization that she is psychic. Jennifer Treacy Cole’s compelling new novel will grip readers at every turn as they join Robin in her struggle to understand and develop her newly discovered talents. Set in northern Minnesota’s lake country, Dark Corner is poised to resonate with fans of Young Adult fiction around the world.


Bethlehem, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/23/2013 -- Through a long lost memory of unspeakable trauma, author Jennifer Treacy Cole thrusts readers into the life of one eleven-year-old girl whose unique psychic abilities force her to grow up faster than she ever thought possible. The Adventures of Robin Wingfield: Dark Corner is Cole’s spine-tingling new YA novel. Believers and nonbelievers alike will be on the edge of their seats as Robin navigates the all-too-adult world of fortune tellers, ultraconservative preachers, and would-be axe murderers.


As a gifted child plays with a Ouija board on her eleventh birthday, she is catapulted back in time to the age of six -- and to a long buried memory. Little Robin somehow knows more than she should about people. Unaware that she is telepathic, she innocently reveals sensitive information about a troubled neighbor girl. Humiliated in front of her friends, the older girl takes revenge, leaving little Robin fighting for her life.

As the Ouija board reveals Robin’s hidden memory, and her giftedness, she cannot resist playing with the Ouija board a second time. She soon contacts a “being” who warns a friend against attending a Halloween Festival. They ignore the advice, and an accident occurs which seriously injures her friend and several others. Many members of the community blame the Halloween Festival for the accident. A small town fundamentalist preacher and radio host, Blendan Jones, manages to use the tragedy as a publicity vehicle to gain more followers.

Now a true believer in the Ouija board, Robin becomes an apprentice to Celia, a storefront psychic who teaches her all about the Wiccan religion and the persecution of witches over the centuries. Celia seems to be everything Robin would like to be – breathtakingly beautiful, knowledgeable, and successful.

Robin’s enjoyment of her magical education is disturbed by threats from several odd characters. The town drunk (people say he once attacked his nephew with an axe) has taken to following her. Radio celebrity Blendan Jones is gathering momentum in his campaign against the occult. And hardly less stressful are the many and varied challenges offered by friends and teachers at a new school. Of all the dangers along the way, it may be those closest to her who pose the greatest threat.

As the author explains, her narrative was designed to entertain accomplished readers while introducing reluctant ones to the immense joy of reading. “My aim from day one was to develop characters that are relatable. Robin is an ordinary girl who discovers that she has an extraordinary gift. Doesn’t every human being secretly feel that there is something special and unique about them that may be hidden just under the surface?”

Continuing, “I know a number of dyslexic children and teenagers who hunger for great stories. They are willing to struggle through when the story is compelling. I haven’t written an easy novel, but I believe I’ve written a page-turner,” says Cole, a teacher by profession.

Though the subject matter may be spooky, Cole is adept at infusing her characters with authentic humorous moments.

To date, the book has attracted a string of rave reviews. For example, Amazon reviewer Dave Holm commented, “I just wish I had not read the first chapter at work. It took everything I had not to start truly laughing out loud. I did, however, get tears in my eyes from laughing to myself.”

With a bold focus on character development, Cole also hopes to show a younger audience that heroes and villains do not always live up to their reputations. Human character is complex, and the characters in Robin Wingfield’s life are full of surprises. “True heroes are often the people you least suspect,” she adds.

“While Dark Corner is a YA book, the narrative is resonating extremely well with older readers – especially those with an interest in paranormal, Wiccan and Pagan themes.” With the book expected to be in high demand, interested readers are urged to purchase their copies as soon as possible.

About Jennifer Treacy Cole
The Adventures of Robin Wingfield: Dark Corner is due for imminent release and will be available in printed and digital formats. For more information including contact details for the author, visit:

http://wickedwriter.weebly.com. To celebrate the release of Cole’s new novel, Kindle owners can download it for free between October 31 and November 3.