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Dark Days Troubled Times: Long-Awaited Sequel to 'Dark Days Rough Roads' Arrives; As Survivalism and Secret Government Agendas Collide

Masterfully crafted by Matthew D. Mark, ‘Dark Days Troubled Times’ picks up where ‘Dark Days Rough Roads’ left off – in a suddenly-dark world where survivalism takes precedence over everything else. As the real world prepares for a possible new cold war, Mark’s powerful sequel examines just what happens when secret Government and Military agendas are exposed by a desperate society.


Selby Township, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/07/2014 -- While he was relatively unknown before 2013, Matthew D. Mark made his stamp on the literary world with the release of ‘Dark Days Rough Roads’ – a novel that plunges readers into a world of darkness where possessing survival skills is the literal difference between life and death.

Following thousands of readers, over one-hundred reviews and an average four-star rating from critics, Mark is delighted to announce the launch of his sequel – ‘Dark Days Troubled Times’.


The long awaited sequel to Dark Days Rough Roads is now here.

Months after an EMP, Electromagnetic Pulse, strikes the country, Roger Haliday continues to fight for survival along with his friends and family. With the rogue militia under control they now face new dangers. The people around them and throughout the country are dying of starvation and illness. They are taking desperate and deadly measures in order to survive. Gangs are terrorizing cities and suburbs as they move through them searching for food, water, and supplies. With the gangs committing atrocious crimes along the way, the now lawless society leaves regular citizens to fight for their lives.

Throughout the entire nation the government and military struggle to take control of the country. Word rapidly starts to spread that their agenda may not be as innocent as it appears. Rumors abound that they may have been responsible for the attack, and they are fighting amongst themselves. With cities burning, people dying, no law, no help, no future and no hope, the country is indeed experiencing troubled times.

“This book is a true cocktail of drama, suspense, adventure and heart-stopping action,” says Mark, who works as a Public Safety Officer. “Like my first novel, it will be of particular interest to survivalists and preppers, as the military-style guerrilla warfare is likely something they fantasize about.”

Continuing, “Those with a thirst for the apocalypse will revel in the human behavior side of the narrative; which gives a vital insight into how we think and act in times of unexpected crisis.”

Mark also believes that his sequel is unintentionally hitting the market at the perfect time.

“We’ve got tense military relations around the world, with Russia and Ukraine on tenterhooks with each other. Coupled with the global economic insecurity, this book’s premise and plot couldn’t be more relevant. Who knows, it could be a prophecy!” he adds.

‘Dark Days Troubled Times’ is available now: http://amzn.to/1iV4UE2.

About the Author: Matthew D. Mark
Matthew D. Mark was born in SE Michigan where he currently resides. Matthew entered the United States Army after high school and served in active duty and reserve capacities. After active duty he earned a degree in Law Enforcement which he put to use working for a small local police department. He currently puts his education and experience to work as public safety officer for a large, private corporation.

In his desire to learn as many skills as possible, he became an instructor for self defense in coursework accredited through MCOLES, and OCAT pepper spray training along with instructor status for hand cuffing and use of force continuum. He still applies those skills in training courses today.

Matthew is a fire arms enthusiast who enjoys shooting with family and friends. Stock car racing, camping, football and hockey are among his favorite past times. He also enjoys outdoor activities and camping. He rounds out his hobbies with computers and entertainment.