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Dark Horse: How Challenger Companies Rise to Prominence: New Book by Celebrated Strategist, Dan Mack, Turns Any Company Into an Industry Titan.

As The former Vice-President of Sales & Consumer Marketing at DenTek Oral Care and the founder of the Mack Elevation Forum, Dan Mack knows more than a thing or two about how dominate an industry. In his ground-breaking new book, Mack exposes the previously unreleased secrets to turning any small business into a global giant. However, it isn’t hype – just clear-cut secrets gained from 25+ years of business success.


Hermitage, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/12/2013 -- Believe it or not, Starbucks, Wiffle Ball and PURELL were once micro-businesses with a single office, a handful of core customers and more than a struggle to make their name known. However, a globally-renowned Business Strategist who helped each of them grow and dominate the globe is sharing his secrets of success in a book that will change the game for any small business.

‘Dark Horse: How Challenger Companies Rise to Prominence’ is the work of Dan Mack, Founder of Mack Elevation Forum and one of the most respected power-players in the world of ecommerce. Within the book, Mack lays out the strategies many global companies have used to go from the unknown to media darlings, as well as demonstrating how they continue to earn massive returns and income through simple yet effective business practices.


In Dark Horse: How Challenger Companies Rise To Prominence, business veteran Dan Mack takes you inside the minds, hearts, and boardrooms of dark horse companies who winning big despite having the odds stacked against them. From the beloved Wiffle ball and bat to the highly stylized line of Method soap, and PURELL hand sanitizer, there is no shortage of dark horse companies to root for in the American business race today.

As the author explains, he practiced each and every strategy handed over to readers.

“In almost thirty years I have seen it all – literally! The information I showcase, much of it being made public for the first time, can help any company rapidly grow from a dark horse to major challenger. This even applies to one-person micro enterprises. Some of today’s biggest companies were formed in bedrooms or on kitchen tables – proof that any organization can grow into something big,” says Mack.

Early praise for the book has been overwhelmingly positive.

For example, marketing magnate Perry Marshall comments, “Dark Horse offers a humane view of business and brand success that you're unlikely to find in any business school or MBA program. We love it when the underdog pulls into the lead and wins the race, don't we? If you dream of becoming the dark horse in your consumer product space, you need to read this book.”

Ken Martindale, President and COO of Rite Aid was equally as impressed, adding, “Dark Horse is an insightful look at companies who came out of nowhere to establish themselves as leaders… Dan Mack does a great job of telling their stories and combining his own experiences and has produced a must-read book for anyone who is inventing or re-inventing their business.”

Books can be ordered either directly at the author’s website: http://www.darkhorsebook.com, directly from the publisher: http://www.sakura-publishing.com or from Amazon and all book stores.

Companies looking to employ Dan as a keynote speaker or use his consulting services are urged to visit his corporate website: http://mackelevationforum.com.

About Dan Mack
Dan Mack has, for over 25 years, provided strategic sales, business development, and national industry insights for all clients he has worked with and been employed by. Mack started his career with GlaxoSmithLine and held many leadership roles, including National Manager of Sales Training and Divisional Sales Manager at GlaxoSmithKline. His industry specialization is in helping companies facilitate higher-level retailer/supplier co-creation engagements and is a specialist in value creation. Dan has rubbed elbows with some of the biggest and brightest names in business and is also endorsed by many of them too. His debut book is a testimony to years of insight and hard work that earned him the ability to allow businesses, both big and small, to trust his advice and wisdom, as they learn how to be successful in their fields.