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Darren Pawski Debuts New Online Platform for Business Reviews


Fresno, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/09/2016 -- Darren Pawski, the managing director of Synergy Financial Solutions and a veteran of the financial services industry with nearly 30 years of experience in positions of executive leadership, is announcing the debut of a new online platform,, in which he will host a variety of business reviews. The platform will feature reviews written by Australia's most prominent business professionals encompassing diverse subject matter relevant to professionals across all industries.

A native of Perth, Western Australia, Pawski believes the consolidation of information made available through reviews concerning all manner of businesses will be of benefit to both prospective consumers as well as the producers of the goods and services being reviewed. Since Pawski's platform features reviews written by established experts in their respective fields, the accuracy of each article's analysis can be considered authoritative and therefore deserving of action on the part of either the consumer or the producer.

"Having spent much of my career reviewing financial planning and investment strategies, I understand the inherent value associated with reliably accurate and thoroughly analyzed reviews conducted by an expert in his or her field," said Pawski. "In debuting this new platform, I have sought out only the most respected and experienced professionals to review the subjects most closely related to their respective fields of endeavor."

Pawski's new online platform is currently live and includes several business reviews in keeping with the managing director of Synergy Financial Solutions' guiding principles. Pawski also noted that he intends to expand the experts featured as reviewers on the platform in order to ensure each industry is appropriately represented for the benefit of consumers and businesses alike.

About Darren Pawski
The managing director of Synergy Financial Solutions, Darren Pawski is one of the financial service industry's most respected professionals and has spent the bulk of his close to 30 years of experience serving in positions of executive leadership. A graduate of Deakin University with a Diploma of Financial Planning, Pawski is nearing completion of a master's degree in finance and banking from Edith Cowan University.