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New Delhi, India -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/17/2015 -- Darjeeling, a quaint hill station nestled in the foothills of Himalayas is a rare rendezvous of breathtaking locales with an illustrious history. Many eons ago, the mountain spurs, on the slopes of which Darjeeling now stands formed a part of the independent kingdom of Sikkim. It was shrouded with dense forest with the mighty Kanchenjunga as a backdrop. The British learned that the elevation and conditions were best suited for the cultivation of tea. They started importing tea plants from China. This paved the way for the tea plantation and today it is a thriving business. Darjeeling Tea is famous worldwide and is a particular favourite of the British. The modest town of Darjeeling was home to the British tea planters and became the summer residence of The British Raj. To escape the balmy heat of Calcutta, the then capital of The British Raj, the British found the solace in the arms of this small hill station. Darjeeling seemed perfect for its weather and beauty and till date attracts a large number of tourists.

Till date Darjeeling retains the flavour of the colonial past and emits a culture, which is rich with historical essence. The Darjeeling toy train, which runs on the world's smallest gauge, is one of the main points of interest in Darjeeling. It's ancient steam engines pull two tiny blue bogeys or compartments and runs between Darjeeling and Siliguri. Several times a day one can hear it's comforting whistle as the train pulls either into or out of the station. There is a strange nostalgia in the chugging of the toy train, which entraps everyone irrespective of their age. Train enthusiasts from all over the world come to enjoy a joyride in this toy train. The toy train has been running on its tracks since the mid 1800s. It is the same train, which carried the British Raj. Compass recommends an hour's ride in this train from Darjeeling to Ghoom. In several places the train runs parallel to the road and in front of houses and little shops.

Darjeeling is a must visit for all tea enthusiasts. The rich aroma of the golden liquid ferries around the air and lends a fresh feel to the atmosphere. The tea gardens carpeting the rolling hills, a lush green texture, welcomes right away. Tea gardens stretch out in almost every direction enveloping many hillocks in its fold. Compass India Inc arranges stays in various Tea Estate Plantations. Apart from staying in the plantation, Darjeeling tour packages include visits and walks to tea estates and tea museums.

'I am a tea-drinker, I find it quite refreshing and I like it without any condiments, just pure gold – Says Durjay Sengupta, CEO of Compass. The spirit of tea is positive, soothing and uplifting, he adds.

Darjeeling is well known for 3 T's, the Toy train, the Tea and the imposing Tiger Hill. The sunrise at the Tiger Hill is something no one should miss. Sure, one needs to wake up before the Sun and go to the Summit to see the Sun emerge from the horizon, but what it reveals is worth all the effort. The fresh sunlight unravels the Kanchanjunga, which is the third highest mountain in the world. If one is willing to crane your neck one can also get a glimpse of the Mount Everest. It is further away at a distance, hence appears much smaller than its real height. Nonetheless, a glimpse seems rewarding enough. Kanchanjunga splays itself almost all over Darjeeling's skyline. Legend has it that the mountain reveals itself to whom it chooses. On a clear day, the sight of the imposing Tiger Hills washed with the fresh Sunlight, with a renewed promise augments one's soul.

In Darjeeling, one is either walking up or walking down. The locals do it with so much ease that it inspires the visitor to do so too. In keeping of a hill station, the roads are cobbled and vehicle rides are often bumpy. The best way to explore the streets and general life of this town is to explore by foot.

Many gardens and park dot the town and Nature is in her full bounty here. Darjeeling tour packages often include various parks and gardens. There are a few hermetic temples around Darjeeling. One such temple is the sacred Mahakal temple. Mahakal is an incarnation of Lord Shiva. Next to the Mahakal temple is a Buddhist Shrine. This depicts the manifestation of complete harmony that exists between Hinduism and Buddhism.

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