DartiseMediaDesign Offers Aligning Video Marketing with Social Responsibilities


Chicago, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/11/2013 -- One does not need great skills of prophesy to foretell that any new innovation in marketing will give lesser results when the number of its users increase. Many of the marketing tools of the Internet are also apparently facing the same fate. But now, video marketing is ruling the roost and this tool helps businesses in reaching their target audience effectively. The number of businesses using video marketing has been increasing day after day but, the options of these businesses seem to have been encumbered by their singular goal of profit-making. Only a few businesses realize their social responsibilities and act accordingly. Dartise Media Design helps businesses do their marketing effectively for which they offer their services for making high-quality videos for them. But, at the same time, Dartise Media Design says they understand their social responsibilities. They add that they have been deeply disturbed by the recent spurt in the gun violence in the Chicago area. So, they have recently took on the cinematography roles in making two short films that may help mold the minds of young people who are susceptible to get trapped into the quagmire of gun violence. One of the short films (Think Before You Shoot 2) has won the Silver Award for short films in the Prestige Film Festival.

Even the Police Department of Chicago has admitted recently that there were 506 homicides in the city during 2012 that is an increase of 11% over the 2011 figures. Though different reasons are being assigned for the surge in gun violence in the city, it appears that there is a stealthy proliferation of guns in Chicago. The task of complete eradication of the gun culture is certainly formidable but, Dartise Media Design repeatedly asserts that mere rhetoric is of limited utility and so, they will carry on with their efforts to bring down such crimes.

On the business front, Dartise Media Design will continue to make videos for businesses, the company confirms. They say that they are committed to excellence and their video team comes out with highly creative ideas that may take the businesses of their clients to higher levels. They add that they hire some of the most competent art directors, designers and animators for producing videos of the highest quality. Businesses can grow if they reach more number of potential clients and it is possible through well-made videos. Dartise Media Design further adds that they make it a point to ensure that the videos they make contain interesting and useful contents and compelling messages. They emphatically affirm that through these videos, businesses can achieve an expanded customer base and a phenomenal growth.

About Dartise Media Design
Dartise Media Design helps businesses with their video marketing. They make excellent videos that contain highly informative and useful messages about their clients' businesses. In addition to that, Dartise Media Design understands its social responsibilities. They have taken on cinematography roles in two short films about the gun culture in Chicago. Their intention is to play a small part in bringing down such crimes.

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