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Atlanta, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/04/2016 -- Darwin F. Johnson knows how stressful dealing with a work related injury is. In the wake of an accident, injured individuals have to deal with pain, doctor's office and hospital visits, the frustrations of not operating at 100 percent capacity and the boredom of being out of work. The last thing work injury victims want to do is deal with insurance companies trying to scam them out of more money than they are entitled to. Darwin F. Johnson, one of the more respected work comp lawyers in the Athens, GA area, is urging those who have recently been injured on the job to seek his advice, counsel and representation.

Because of his ample experience, Darwin F. Johnson knows the games that insurance companies play on a regular basis to avoid fully paying out victims of work injuries. Because of his practice in dealing with their sleazy tactics, he has learned how to effectively fight back. Even the greatest attorneys could never guarantee their clients with hard numbers in terms of cash they will win in a lawsuit, but Darwin F. Johnson's successful track record displays his expertise.

Darwin F. Johnson spent the first part of his career as a staff attorney to Michael P. Baird in Clayton County, Georgia. While there, he witnessed insurance companies work hard to avoid paying injured workers time and time again. After the final straw was broken, Johnson decided to devote his career to helping injured workers attain all the insurance compensation they are entitled to after a work accident. Those seeking the counsel of workman comp lawyers in Macon, GA can visit Darwin F. Johnson's website, or call 404-692-6482 to schedule a complimentary consultation.

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The Law Offices of Darwin F. Johnson provide legal defense for individuals all throughout the greater Atlanta, Georgia area. He provides effective legal defense for individuals unjustly injured while at the workplace, and gets them the compensation they need. Clients of Darwin F. Johnson don't pay unless he delivers compensation.

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