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Atlanta, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/14/2016 -- Work injuries are still a serious issue in the United States, and unfortunately, because some insurance companies and employers try to stiff their employees out of the proper amount of medical compensation post-injury, workers comp lawyers in Macon, GA and everywhere else are necessary. And among the Georgia attorneys to represent injured workers, Darwin F. Johnson stands in the vanguard.

Johnson spent years working in the Georgia court system before opening his practice, where time after time he saw the tactics that insurance companies and employers would use to try and avoid compensating employees for which they were responsible. After a while, he decided to open a practice devoted exclusively to helping the underdogs—the workers who are not being treated fairly by the employers who faulted them. Since his office opened, Johnson has handled thousands of cases, and attained tens of millions for his clients.

When an injury occurs at work due to negligence of that company, they are responsible to cover every ensuing expense. Since those bills often rack up, those companies will do everything they can to avoid paying their injured employees, often leaving them jobless, broke and at a loss for what to do next. Darwin F. Johnson does not think that is all right, and will do everything in his power to fight and attain the proper compensation for his clients.

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