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Darwin F. Johnson Tributes Georgia's Rich History of Workers' Rights


Atlanta, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/12/2016 -- In a recent article released via his firm's website, Darwin F. Johnson delved into his state of practice's history involving workers' compensation rights. As it turns out, Georgia was one of the initial states to put workers' rights at the forefront of debate. The catastrophic work injury attorney serving Atlanta gave a brief analysis of Georgia's legacy, then offered his own thoughts.

According to Johnson's research, Georgia (along with Alabama) was the first state to pass an Employer Liability Act, which dictated that an injured worker has the right to sue his or her employer for lost wages and medical expenses related to a workplace accident. The legislation went into effect in 1855, years before other states that were considered far more progressive and industrialized enacted similar legislations. According to Johnson's article, employers tended to be favored over employees in the eyes of the law up until the mid-19th century, during the advent of the industrial revolution in the United States.

Johnson went on to argue that Georgia's early involvement in workers' rights activism helped bring other issues, ones which we take for granted today, into the limelight. For example, it is with partial thanks to Georgia's early role in the workers' rights movement that other "issues faced by working people [were] addressed…such as minimum wage, child labor and discrimination in the workplace," argued Johnson.

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