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Darwin F. Johnson Urges Workers to Contact Him Before Turning to Insurance Agencies


Atlanta, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/11/2018 -- The Law Offices of Darwin F. Johnson, lead by Darwin F. Johnson, P.C., have been given credit for millions of dollars' worth of settlements in unjust injury, medical malpractice, and other settlements cases. This season, Darwin F. Johnson, a workers' compensation lawyer in Atlanta, is counseling that individuals contact him for a consultation and claim evaluation before turning to an insurance company.

Insurance companies have their own methods of handling claims, typically in their own favor rather than that of the policyholder. The Law Offices of Darwin F. Johnson advise their clients that insurance companies usually all but ignore all claims from policyholders that do not retain legal representation of some sort. Darwin F. Johnson ensures that all of his clients have their claims thoroughly reviewed and are justly compensated for the losses that they have incurred. This is particularly important when it comes to workers' comp cases.

Georgia is what is called a "right to work" state, and unless a worker has a unique contract with their employer, they are regarded as "at will" hired talent. This means that employers are free to fire workers at any time and for any reason, without explanation. The Law Offices of Darwin F. Johnson encourage clients who have had their employment terminated after a serious injury to contact an Atlanta workers' compensation lawyer right away. Although an individual may have been fired from their job, this does not mean that their former employer is exempt from paying workers' comp. In fact, in certain cases, it can work against their case to terminate an injured worker.

Residents of Atlanta, GA, and surrounding communities who have incurred work-related injuries that would like to arrange a meeting with an attorney are encouraged to contact the Law Offices of Darwin F. Johnson today at 404-692-6482 for a free consultation.

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Residents are encouraged to reach out to the Law Offices of Darwin F. Johnson today by phone at 404-692-6482.