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Darwin Fitness, Personal Trainer for Children and Teens in Orlando FL


Orlando, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/17/2013 -- Personal training is not just for adults. More and more parents are hiring personal trainers to work with their kids to help them fight childhood obesity.

About 30% of children ages 6 to 11 are overweight and about 15% are obese in the USA. With PE classes on the decline, it's no surprise that many parents are turning to personal trainers for help.

If you're looking for ways to get your kids more active, personal training is the appropriate answer.

The decision to hire a youth personal training specialist in Orlando FL should be up to you and your child. One thing we do know is that getting kids and teens to exercise can be tough. Forcing them into a type of activity or exercise they don't like can backfire and not every child will enjoy working with a personal trainer. Make sure you are on the same page.

Darwin Fitness, kids fitness trainer in Orlando can help determine what your child is capable of and teach your child how to exercise safely, effectively, and most importantly, how to have some fun so these habits stick into adulthood.

Diet and exercise plans for teens are a lot like diet and exercise plans for adults. The only real difference is that teens might not understand the rationale behind excessively restrictive diets or excessively rigorous exercise plans. Thus, employing moderation is best when adopting a diet or exercise plan for a teenager. Darwin Fitness developed ‘ a gradual and progressive Evolution to long term fitness ’ approach that will help your child attain health without undue deprivation.

Nutrition: the replacement approach
Losing or maintaining weight as a teen is often as simple as cutting out "junk" calories while replacing those items with more healthy alternatives. Thus, the easiest diet for a teen will strictly limit empty calories such as those from sodas, desserts and processed snacks. Replace these items with better alternatives such as lean protein sources (meat, eggs, chicken or fish), fruits or vegetables. Although this may seem basic, it could result in a net decrease of several hundred calories per day.

Carb' limiting strategy
Depending on how far your child is from a lean physique, more drastic measures may be in order. Another easy step to take to further weight management goals is to restrict his intake of carbohydrates throughout the evening. To implement this, only allow your teen carbs from fruits and vegetables past 6pm. Doing this will limit the likelihood of late-night carb-heavy meals being stored as fat overnight. The best way to implement this plan without reproach is to have the entire family adhere to this restriction.

Resistance training for children and teens
When properly instructed in technique, weight training can be a fast track toward helping your teen manage his/her health. The only real caveat here is that teens should not engage in any maximal lifting, as their skeletal structure is not fully developed. Instead, stick to higher rep sets (5 to 15 reps) on "core" compound lifts like the squat, deadlift, pull-up, row, dip, push up and bench press.

Cardio: moderation and fun
Interval training programs can be followed (safely and very gradually designed) by kids and teens: there is no contraindication. Interval training improves children's fitness levels and prevents dehydration and excessive fatigue. It involves gradual elevation of the heart rate alternated with active recovery. The key when this type of training has to be applied to the younger ones is to make the clinical approach (cardio monitoring, strict timing) as discreet as possible and favors the game to remain fun and challenging. Circuits based on obstacles, jumps, balls throwing, short sprints, etc… work perfectly.

Darwin fitness, Certified personal trainer for teens and children in Orlando FL

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