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Darwin Johnson Covers Automobile Accidents in GA


Atlanta, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/16/2017 -- Darwin Johnson is best known as an Atlanta-based workers' compensation lawyer, but for as long as he's operated his successful practice, The Law Offices of Darwin Johnson, he has represented automobile accident victims as well.

"Many people aren't aware of my passion for automobile accident law," said Johnson, founder and head of the firm. "For as long as we've covered workers' compensation law, we've also worked for those afflicted by auto accident injuries. As experts in the field, we fight just as hard for our automotive clients as we do for our workers' comp clients."

Automobile accidents are common in the United States, happening nearly every 10 seconds, and although they are becoming safer with every new model year to hit the market, the statistics are not decreasing.

"If you are injured in a car crash and the perpetrator tries to deny responsibility, if you don't act appropriately you may be on the hook to cover medical and out-of-work expenses for which you shouldn't be responsible," said Johnson. "Getting representation from a qualified and experienced attorney is necessary if you want a chance of justice being served."

While Johnson cannot guarantee a victory or a settlement amount before taking action (no lawyer can), his track record is reassuring to many Georgia-area accident victims seeking justice.

"If you're nervous to pursue action, that's only natural, but I can assure you there's nothing to worry about." said Johnson. "Not only will I only get paid if you win, but keep in mind that the majority of cases settle before even seeing a courtroom."

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