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Darwin Johnson Fights to Help Injured Georgia Workers


Atlanta, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/01/2017 -- Darwin Johnson has made a name for himself as a top workman comp attorney in Atlanta by relentlessly battling the insurance companies and employers who work hard to undermine injured workers, and avoid paying them out the full funds to which they are entitled. Johnson has dedicated his career to reversing behavior as such.

"Many of our workers put their lives on the line every day through pursuing dangerous, yet crucial jobs," said Johnson. "When they become injured on the job, most of the time their employers will do what's right to compensate them for those injuries, but that's not always the case.

Johnson has practiced for nearly 15 years, and has built a winning track record in that time. Over that period of time, he has won millions in combined settlements for his clients through thousands of cases.

But Johnson's career did not start as a private practice workers' compensation attorney. As a young lawyer, he served in the Georgia state court system, where he witnessed the extent to which insurance companies and employers will go to avoid paying out workers' compensation claims; claims that were fully justified by the victims who filed them.

Johnson decided to open a practice dedicated to representing those undermined work accident victims, and his practice has thrived ever since. Today, injured victims who struggle to receive enough compensation to cover the expenses of their workplace injuries turn to Johnson as a trustworthy partner in their cases.

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