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Darwin Johnson Gives Pedestrian Safety Tips


Atlanta, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/03/2017 -- Darwin Johnson, an Atlanta-based workers' compensation lawyer, just released an article on his firm's website dedicated to helping pedestrians stay safe while walking through areas of potentially high traffic. The write-up comes in light of the nation's rising pedestrian fatality statistics. Georgia pedestrian accidents are also on the rise.

"It's important that we all follow the basic guidelines of pedestrian safety," said Johnson. "When it comes to our kids, it's imperative that we teach them the rules of walking near streets, and set the right example for them."

Johnson's article first notes that pedestrians need to always follow the rules of the road. That means watching traffic signs and following them, waiting for signals to offer them the right of way and never jaywalking. "Not only is jaywalking very dangerous, but it also can land you an expensive ticket," said Johnson.

The next set of tips in the article involve keeping alert. According to Johnson, one of the most important steps a pedestrian can take is to stay aware of their surroundings, and never assume that a vehicle will automatically give a walker the right of way. He also recommended making direct eye contact with drivers, using designated walking areas (like sidewalks and crosswalks) and walking against traffic on the shoulder if no sidewalk is available.

Johnson also urged pedestrians never to walk through public areas while intoxicated.

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