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Darwin Johnson Offers Safety Tips to Teen Drivers and Their Parents


Atlanta, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/28/2017 -- Darwin Johnson, an automobile accident and workman comp lawyer in Atlanta, released a write-up on his firm's website that offers tips to teens and their parents that aim to help them become safe drivers from the get-go. The article comes in light of high teen accident rates. In the United States, half of teen drivers are involved in car accidents before they turn 20. Furthermore, automobile accidents are the leading cause of teen death.

"The statistics are grim, and our whole community is responsible for reducing teen automobile accident deaths," said Johnson. "It starts with proper education, both for ourselves and our children."

The article distinguishes a difference between safe operating and safe driving as a whole. According to Johnson, while learning the mechanics of operating a vehicle is important, there are many other factors that play into what makes a "safe driver" from a holistic perspective. "Teens must become aware of discerning the many risks that they'll inevitably face while behind the wheel," said Johnson.

Johnson also recommended that parents take their teens out to practice driving in various conditions, like rain and night time.

Finally, the article noted that teens and parents should use the myriad resources available for preparing best practices. "It takes a village to raise a driver, and parents and their children should use the resources available to them, like driver's education, online practice tests and other online resources," said Johnson. His article links to several of those resources.

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