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Atlanta, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/01/2017 -- Darwin Johnson is a workman's comp lawyer from Atlanta, and he has devoted his career to helping undermined work accident victims. In the course of his time as head of The Law Offices of Darwin Johnson, he has held true to his passion for workers, and has helped them settle for tens of millions of dollars in thousands of cases.

But he is not making any guarantees. "Even the best lawyer can't promise you a win or a loss, or that you'll get X amount of dollars. That's not how our justice system works," said Johnson.

While no lawyer can guarantee an outcome, his winning track record will speak volumes to workers in need of a quality attorney.

"I think the problem with many companies, especially bigger ones, is that they are too impersonal. While the people within these companies aren't inherently evil, the business as a whole doesn't account for people's lives and well being. The business puts its bottom line first, which sometimes translates to an injured worker being taken advantage of. It's my job to remind businesses that the people who are injured on their premises are not merely an opportunity to save some money. They need to be taken care of properly by those who are responsible for their injuries," said Johnson

Johnson has fought for Georgia employees since he opened up his practice after witnessing insurance companies and employers try to stiff their accident victims out of the full compensation they were entitled. Today, Johnson and his team work around the clock to help those people.

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