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Darwin Johnson Understands the Fears of Injured Workers


Atlanta, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/09/2016 -- Darwin F. Johnson, a leading worker's compensation lawyer in Atlanta, GA, understands the myriad fears that come along with a serious work injury. Between physical pain, frustration with employers, and fear of the future, work accident repercussions "are no day at the beach." However Johnson is encouraging folks to remain calm, and remember that there are people there to help them.

First, there is the physical pain and toll on one's body. "A work injury will set off a chain of reactions, but most prominently is the physical pain itself," said Johnson. "While bills and money may be at the forefront of your mind after the injury, it's important that you go get the care you need. Don't skip a necessary trip to the hospital or doctor because you're worried about bills."

Then, there is the emotional turmoil and stress. "Beyond the physicality of your injury, you'll also go through an array of emotions. You'll be angry at your employer if they're trying to avoid responsibility, frustrated that you're unable to live life as you know it, and worried about the future." Johnson assured injury victims that those feelings are natural, but to remember that there is also hope.

He is encouraging injured work accident victims to stay calm and strong, and to get in touch with a qualified attorney who can help relieve them of some of their strife, and help them pursue legal action against negligent employers and insurance companies.

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