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Darwin Johnson Urges Drivers to Stay off Cell Phones


Atlanta, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/30/2016 -- Darwin Johnson, the worker's compensation lawyer in Atlanta, is asking drivers to consider whether or not it is really worth answering calls or checking text messages while simultaneously operating their vehicles. According to Johnson, roadway injuries and fatalities are up in Georgia, and distracted driving is largely to blame. He explained his thoughts about cell phone use on the road in a write-up just released via his firm's website.

"We all know that distracted driving is dangerous," said Johnson. "But it seems like every time I drive down the street I see someone using his or her phone to make a call or check a text while concurrently operating a vehicle."

Citing the State of Georgia and the Center for Disease Control (CDC), Johnson's article made note of a few pertinent statistics. There were over 2500 distracted driving convictions during the last year for which data is available (2014). Furthermore, Georgian's have collectively racked up over 8000 relevant convictions since the distracted driving ban was put into effect in 2010. Finally, according to a national CDC report, 69 percent of drivers surveyed said that they had used their cell phones while driving within 30 days prior to the survey.

Johnson also discussed the repercussions that distracted drivers in the State of Georgia face. According to his article, drivers ages 18 and younger are not to use cell phones of any kind (including headset devices) while behind the wheel. Those convicted of doing so will face $150 fines. Drivers of all ages convicted of texting, emailing or sending data while behind the wheel are fined $150 and given one point against their licenses.

Darwin Johnson, the worker's comp lawyer in Atlanta, also specializes in auto accidents, and will represent victims of distracted driving crashes and subsequent injuries. To read his article in full, please visit his firm's website. To schedule a complimentary consultation, please dial 404-692-6482.

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