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Dash Cams with Ultra Clear Picture Quality and High-Tech Features


Shenzhen, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/14/2013 -- offers high quality dash cameras for various purposes. Dash board cameras have become extremely popular over the past few years. Police, military and the traffic systems use these cameras for the purpose of public safety and to record any violations. These camcorders are also used for personal reasons such as safeguarding the vehicles at parking lots or isolated areas, recording incidents and proving them with recorded evidence, capturing scenic beauty while traveling or recording private gatherings, parties or events with families and friends.

Customers normally look for certain features while they are on a hunt for the best dashboard cameras. They look for the highest and the best HD video resolution. Almost all the dash cams come with excellent picture quality these days. The next feature that they look for is the external appearance and size. The price of the camcorders also depends on the size of the camcorder with the number of features attached to it. So, the smaller the cam and greater the features, the higher the price of the dash cam is going to be. However, it is not always important to have all features in a single device.

At customers can find the best dash cams that fit all kinds of needs. There are dashcam camcorders that come with great features such as the GPS Logger to record the exact position with details such speed, date and time. The G-sensor feature is another great feature which is the motion detector that notices an impact while loop recording. The other latest features are the video compressing technology, seamless recording, infrared night vision, parking mode, dual and multi channel, power adapters, etc. offers these dash cams at great prices. Customers can visit the site to browse the latest models along with the discounts offered.

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XCARDVR, based at Shenzhen, China is a leading car rear view camera manufacturer and distributor of high end electronics. They offer high quality finished products as well as important components that include Mini Cameras, Mini DVR, High-Tech Night Vision Camcorders that are used in Vehicle night vision systems, outdoor activities, boat vision system, scientific and outdoor investigations, special equipment for public security, highways, police, military, etc.

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