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Dashboard Selling: New Book, Outlining Powerful Visual Selling Methodology, Breaks New Ground Among Sales Professionals

In his eagerly-awaited new book, Robert Beasley introduces his new methodology for managing sales opportunities by illuminating all of the elements that must be addressed in order to win a deal. Succinct, easy-to-implement yet allowing plenty of room for individual personality, the model and its book is resonating with Salespeople and Sales Managers around the world.


Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/06/2013 -- While many sales books often become nothing more than an opportunity for the author to boast about his/her success, Robert Beasley’s ‘Dashboard Selling’ breaks new ground as a truly practical yet simple approach to selling. Following his own advice and keeping the book to-the-point and without fluff, Beasley’s compelling visual selling methodology is quickly garnering a stellar reputation.

Book Synopsis:

Dashboard Selling is a powerful selling methodology for managing complex, strategic sales opportunities more effectively. It helps salespeople accurately assess sales opportunities to determine exactly what questions need to be asked and what actions need to be taken to improve the probability of winning deals.

Sales Manages can leverage Dashboard Selling to dramatically improve their effectiveness as a manager while making a measurable impact on the overall performance of their sales team.

As the author explains, his methodology isn’t based on hype or assumptions; it’s a solid and proven framework that can be adapted to any product, service or commodity.

“It provides a framework for salespeople and their managers to identify the specific areas where they need the most improvement. In addition, it allows salespeople to manage their function with the same discipline and rigor as other business processes by focusing their attention on the exceptions that need to be managed,” says Beasley, who runs ThisQuarter, a renowned sales consulting firm.

He continues, “It's not one of the typical collections of slick tips and tricks to manipulate people into buying your product or service. The visual nature of the ‘Dashboard’ acts as the ultimate ‘truth teller’ that keeps salespeople from lying to themselves and misleading their bosses. It is becoming increasingly difficult for salespeople to maintain their effectiveness due to the deluge of electronic communication that we all face. Dashboard Selling helps salespeople stay focused on what really matters.”

While the book outlines exactly what needs to be done in order to effectively execute the Dashboard Selling model, plenty of room remains for individual personalities to determine how to do it.

With millions of businesses around the world still struggling to reach their post-recession profits, Beasley stands firm in his belief the that salespeople form the foundation of any corporation.

“All businesses depend on salespeople to close new business. Without sales, everyone from marketing to manufacturing to accounting won't have a job. Tight economic times require salespeople to be even better at their jobs to achieve the same results. My book aims to improve the bottom-line for any business operation by focusing attention only on facets that move the buyer/seller relationship closer to closing,” he adds.

In order to give back, Beasley is donating 20% of all book profits to relief and development organizations that are at the front line of battling some of the world’s harshest injustices.

To find out more information about Dashboard Selling, its concept and to purchase the book, visit: http://www.thisquarter.com

About the Author: Robert Beasley
Robert is co-founder of ThisQuarter. He is responsible for strategic direction as well as development of ThisQuarter's service offerings. While at ThisQuarter, Robert has assisted U.S. and international companies in the areas of market assessment, strategy development, partner strategies and sales force optimization. Prior to founding ThisQuarter, Robert held executive leadership positions at several Fortune 500 and early-stage high-tech companies and consulting firms.

Robert was Vice President of Sales at Computer Associates, a leading global enterprise software company, where he was recognized as a worldwide sales leader. He has founded and managed acquisitions for several companies. Navigating complex sales cycles with large organizations including Fortune 500, Global 2000 and government entities is one of Robert’s specialties. He has successfully developed and closed numerous multi-million dollar agreements with large, global companies and managed the cross-functional teams (sales, business development, technical, etc.) required to secure these agreements. He’s also been successful in generating revenue in the SMB market while developing and managing direct sales and channel sales organizations.

He is also the founder of Work for Life (http://www.workforlifeafrica.com), a non-profit organization that assists African entrepreneurs in starting businesses to eliminate poverty and fight corruption. In addition, he founded Dualboon (www.dualboon.com) an initiative aimed at inspiring business leaders to leverage their financial and human resources to make a positive impact in their communities and around the world. He graduated from Texas Tech University with a B.S. in Marketing & Management.