DasTalk Telecom Launches the Advanced Telephone Call Blocker

DasTalk Telecom Inc. recently introduced the next generation of the call blocker device, Call Valet-Pro, which is an advanced and improved version of the very successful Call Valet.


Toronto, Canada -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/22/2013 -- DasTalk Telecom Inc. has been the market leader for the last few years in the field of telephony accessories for blocking unwanted calls. Their popular product Call Valet was first launched with the aim of responding to customer needs to solve the problem of blocking unwanted calls on the telephones. It is on this premise that the company is launching a more advanced call blocker device that will serve as an answer to all call barring issues that have been faced by the telephone users.

Call Valet-Pro is an improved version with more advanced features, which the manufacturer promises, will serve the customers better. One of the most distinctive features of Call Valet-Pro is ‘enhanced wildcard feature’ i.e. it is capable of not only blocking the entire area code but also specific exchange within an area code. This is a feature that no other device in the market can perform. This puts it at a much higher platform when compared to competitors, which have not been able to achieve this esteemed stride.

Apart from this wonderful feature, it is also capable of performing tasks that every telephone user out there, who is not happy with unwanted sales callers, would like to perform. It can block individual callers, clearly indicating to them that their unsolicited calls are not welcomed. The device basically puts the telephone owner in full control of the people who are not welcome to make calls. It makes the users choose people they wish to interact with as well as dictate the terms as far as assessing their number is concerned.

The device has extra features, which will give the user extra freedom to customize it. The gadget has more robust features which allow the user to block unwanted calls. This means that in case the person who has been disturbing through unsolicited calls persists even after being blocked, he or she will not get through. The person who has been blocked might resort to using new numbers, which will not be registered by the user’s telephone system. The call will automatically be blocked or rejected as it will not be recognized by the system. Therefore a caller, who has been blocked, will not be in a position to set their phones in a “no caller id” mode and be able to go through.

DasTalk’s Call Valet-Pro is a device that will revolutionize how people handle and control their incoming telephone calls. It is a call blocker device most suited for someone who values personal freedom, as far as use of the telephone is concerned.

About DasTalk
DasTalk was formed by a group of engineers and experts from various disciplines with hundreds of years of combined experience. They are committed to the highest standards of quality and performance in designing their products. The company also continually strives to improve the quality and range of the products offered. Call Valet has been their most popular product which has been appreciated both by the customers and press as it includes features which are not available in any other call blocking controller product in the market. To read and know more about Call Valet features visit:

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