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Data Privacy in Banking Sector Witnesses Emergence of Dominant Players Including Cornami, Decentriq, Statice, and Immuta Among Others – GlobalData Plc


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/07/2022 -- Data privacy has emerged as a crucial component with the continuous transformation and evolution of technology in the banking sector. With digitalization and the increasing deployment of online banking post-pandemic, the need for ensuring the safety of confidential consumer data has been on the rise.

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Engaging in a personalized way will increase the chance of conversion (or consent). Incumbent providers need segmentation models for privacy that recognize that data permissions and consent are a constant trade-off between what customers want to reveal and what they want to get back. Doing so will require forward-thinking IT teams to balance the value of collecting, storing, and processing large volumes of data against the pressing requirements for privacy, security, and compliance.

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Data Privacy Market Value Chain in Banking Sector

GlobalData's data privacy value chains can be divided into four segments:

Data generation
- Human digital activity
- M2M exchange
- System generators

Data management
- Data governance
- Business Intelligence
- Data analysis
- Data storage
- Data processing
- Data aggregation
- Data integration

Data product development
- Digital marketing
- Machine performance
- Search engines
- Data mining

Data consumption
- Chief marketing officers
- Chief operating officers
- Data scientists
- Search engines

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Data Privacy Market Trends in Banking Sector

Technology Trends
- Continued tensions between new technologies and privacy
- Growth in emerging privacy-enhancing technologies
- Data mapping
- Data democratization
- Automation to put data transfer on compliance guardrails
- Ongoing legacy technology challenges amid data privacy/sharing mandates
- Increased third-party risk management
- IoT in banking
- Biometrics generate new data types and risks
- Cloud migration
- Voice banking
- Tokenization
- Edge computing

Macroeconomic trends
- Pandemic increased the focus on privacy
- Ultra-low interest rates drive data-driven revenue generation
- Rise of super-apps in banking
- Privacy is expensive to get right but more expensive to get wrong
- Ad-driven business models

Regulatory trends
- Increased volume of privacy regulation
- Increased frequency and severity of data privacy incidents
- Data privacy policies drive consumer behavior change
- New entrants seek voluntarily standards
- Know Your Data (KYD) role of chief data officer
- Focus on legal basis for data use
- Consent management
- Compliance language
- Predatory lending in unbanked markets
- Regulatory limits to "platformification"
- Fragmented regulations create uncertainty
- Privacy is more than compliance
- New entrants seek ISO 27001 designations
- Cookies
- Data storage

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Key Data Privacy Market Players in Banking Sector

In this section, GlobalData highlights some of the leading providers in financial services impacted by the data privacy theme.

Big tech companies
- Alibaba
- Apple
- ByteDance
- Meta
- Tencent

Retail banks
- Banco Bradesco
- Citibank
- Erste Group
- Rabobank
- Societe Generale
- WeBank

Technology Vendors
- Cornami
- Decentriq
- Immuta
- Inpher
- Secretarium
- Statice

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