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Data Validation Services of 555-1212.com Provide Accurate Sales Prospect Contact List Info


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/05/2012 -- Many businesses nationwide are relying on 555-1212.com to ensure that their customer and prospect lists have accurate address data. Their data validation and verification services update and append customer databases and prospect lists as well as sales and contact information with accurate name, address and phone number data.

Millions of American businesses require accurate customer and prospect data to grow and make money. As data accuracy becomes more critical, large numbers of businesses in the U.S. are turning to 555-1212.com. The company has been providing its customers the most accurate name, address, and telephone number data since its founding in 1995. “Put simply, bad data costs money and good data makes money,” said the 555-1212.com specialist. “We’ve been highly successful at helping businesses of all sizes build accurate lead and customer lists to grow revenues and reduce the cost of bad data.”

From their easy to use Web Service and List Cleaning to Customer Data Integration, New Homeowner Lists and Skip Tracing Services, 555-1212.com is the leader in data verification. Their List Cleaning service scrubs old lists to make any business’s data new again. Businesses can easily update sales prospect lists and databases with accurate name data, address data and phone number data. They have the option of scrubbing their list once or on a regular basis with no contracts and no long-term commitments.

The 555-1212.com web-based Address Validation Service is intuitive, fast, easy and always available. Business customers can find, update and validate customer information online with real-time reverse address look up and reverse phone number look up. Their XML Service makes businesses run stronger by connecting customer data to any business function in real time. Businesses can also reach new movers and homeowners with their New Mover Service.

Premium data is updated every 24 hours and Basic data is updated every 90 days with availability through any 555-1212.com service. Businesses can get a quick quote on any of their services or batch services. Right now, get batch service without a minimum fee. This spring cleaning special offer ends June 20th. For more information, please visit http://www.555-1212.com

About 555-1212.com
555-1212.com has been providing its customers with the most accurate name, address, and telephone number data and data validation services since it was founded in San Francisco in 1995. The company has stayed close to their roots with an emphasis on being easy, accurate and providing exceptional service to their customers. Their quality data solutions make it easy for businesses to access the information they need, when they need it.