Database Normalization Services for Business, Now Available at SQLXL.COM

SQLXL.COM, a division of DTH Software, a trusted leader in financial software development, and having industrial level expertise with Microsoft SQL Server since 1998, is proud to announce advanced Data Base Normalization as part of its suite of SQL performance tuning services for large scale SQL installations in the private and public sectors.


Ottawa, Ontario -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/18/2012 -- Leading SQL server consultant SQLXL.COM provides Database Normalization services for their clients in both private and public sector businesses. Database Normalization allows businesses to organize fields and tables in a relational database design thus minimizing redundancy. SQLXL.COM offers a wide array of services to their clients such as SQL performance tuning which helps businesses improve the performance and scalability of their corporate databases.

Normalization is a process of organizing data in a relational database, which structures data across many tables keeping the related data together. The main purpose of database normalization is to reduce redundant data. The idea being that changes can be made to just one table and then transmitted throughout the rest of the database.

The first rule of normalization requires that all repeating data values be moved into separate tables and that no two rows are identical. Once these requirements have been met, all non-key fields have to depend on the entire primary key to be considered second normal form. A table is in third normal form if the first two normal forms are met and all non-key fields do not depend on other non-key fields.

Database normalization is key for businesses that are constantly expanding their customer base and need an efficient method of storing their data. With the use of database normalization, businesses can keep track of customer information and purchase history within an orderly timeline. Changes to a customer account only need to be made once, thus making it more efficient and user friendly.

“At SQLXL.COM our goal is to provide services that enhance the performance of a business’s corporate databases. Database normalization is paramount in the management of customer information and allows businesses to add new types of data without interfering with the pre-existing structure,” says CEO Dean Hansen.

SQLXL.COM is proud to offer free consultations for businesses. For questions concerning Database Normalization or any of its SQL Server turning services, please call (613) 822-1997 or email support@SQLXL.COM.COM.com.

SQLXL.COM.COM, a division of DTH Software Inc, has been cultivating its extensive knowledge in Microsoft® SQL Server since 1998. SQLXL.COM.COM is a consultant for both private and public sector business in all matters concerning SQL server database design and construction. They are also the experts in the tuning of SQL databases to boost scalability and production. SQLXL.COM.COM, a Certified Master on Experts Exchange, is a well respected contributor to the MSSQL zone of EXPERTS- EXCHANGE.COM.