DATACAP Fast-Tracks the Transition of Print to Electronic Media Through Data Capture


Cape Town, South Africa -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/31/2014 -- The data capturing services provided by DATACAP fulfils a variety of specific, application-based needs within the various output and formatting choices made available. You are therefore able to get the the data captured and receive the data in a format which will enable you to directly implement, edit and manage it according to your application format in use by your organization.

Since the 80's when the invention of the computers has caused a global evolution and changed the way in which we function in the workplace, we have been driven to constantly stay up-to-date with the latest technological advances to meet the needs of our clients and organizational objectives.

Through this transition and still to this day, each workplace has a need for reliable data capturing services as available from DATACAP to ensure that all data records are available in an electronic format that allows for easy data managing, editing and implementation. The most common answer for most companies are to hire and appoint staff to fulfil this function from within.

With this decision and route of action, there are common downfalls, added costs and an increase in the amount of resources needed to achieve this very basic data capturing objective. Even with all the necessary time and resources invested in the training of staff to fulfill the data capturing needs, there are still no guarantees that the work will be completed on time and to the correct standard of quality. Along with these risks, also the danger exists of information leaks, the impact on data integrity and the impact which this may have on the business.

The one most certain solution to all these common problems are to outsource the data capturing tasks to a reliable and cost-effective organization that guarantees delivery and the required, high standard of quality. An organization that will be responsible and accountable to meet the agreed expectations for the data capturing objective.

DATACAP offers a rock-solid data capturing, sorting and organizing service that will eliminate the need for the hiring and training of data capturing staff to perform these duties. You are therefore able to get the required data capturing work completed accurately, on time and specific to your data application requirements.

From simple text-based data capturing tasks, to more time-consuming database sorting and data organising, DATACAP remains the cost effective data capturing solution.


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