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DataCorp Technology LTD Elects Dr. Patrick Magnino Prino as the New Chairman of the Board of Directors

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London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/18/2013 -- Patrick Magnino Prino, 33, is the majority shareholder and new chairman of the board of directors of Datacorp Technology LTD, a company based in London that specializes in aerospace and defense, hosting, marketing and business services with different subsidiaries in various parts of the world.

Magnino has lived in Turin until his high school years. With his Doctorate in Business Menager, he left the capital of Lombardy before moving to London to pursue his studies where he established Datacorp Technology and now, his dream has come true and become international.

Datacorp Technology incorporates his interests that include research, innovation, technology and economics. Magnino established a service company that draws its strong point from the combined organization and supply of different professionals that are all united under one brand and put at the services of those companies, primarily small and middle-sized businesses. The company started to take shape in year 2004, in Latvia, during the extensive wave of the big move that was established in the East and soon joined by the European Community. That is where Magnino started to work as a mediator between entrepreneurs and investors of the local communities and old Europe, mainly in the business sector. In 2011, Datacorp Technology materialized into an international company and structured into 4 distinct areas that include marketing, hosting, aerospace and defense and corporate. This ensures that businesses which are focused on such areas will benefit from the services offered by the company. Small and middle-sized enterprises can take advantage of Datacorp Technology’s services.

Patrick Magnino Prino is now the new chairman of the board of directors of Datacorp Technology LTD and he manages his own company in London and Turin.

About Datacorp Technology
Datacorp Technology offers corporate services, web hosting, marketing, IT services, SEO, improving web presence, business and financial consulting, software and app development and many more. The company aims to help businesses reach their audience in a more efficient way, improve their online presence and increase their sales. As it has various professionals that are combined under a single brand, everyone can be sure to get the services that they need to reach the goals they have set for their business.

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