Joe Bragg Takes You from Unemployed to eCommerce Entrepreneur in 30 days


San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/21/2012 -- The worldwide economic recession is still affecting millions in America and around the world. Jobs are scarce, and work is hard to find. With the rising cost of living, simple things like the morning commute can now cripple families due to the rising gas prices.

Many people seek a way to work from home and be their own boss, but often this is easier said than done. Data Plus Design is a web developer that has taken this problem into their own hands to allow the many different groups in society who wish to work at home- the unemployed, mothers, retirees and entrepreneurs- a way to do so online.

Data Plus Design is a company that builds turnkey eCommerce businesses. Their spokesman Danny Ward explained a recent promotion where individuals can win an eCommerce business, “We have a social program in place to give away one eCommerce business every week to someone in need, with the goal to turn their life around.”

Data Plus Design has put a priority on using their eCommerce turnkey businesses to create new opportunities for people who have been laid off, fired, or just can't find a job.

Their ecommerce website business is also helping mothers to stay at home with their children instead of putting them in day care, making big savings on the cost of having children while also developing the essential bond between a mother and her children.

With pensions not holding up like they used to, Data Plus Design are also helping retirees earn extra income to help supplement their 401k's that were demolished by the financial crisis.

A spokesperson for the site explained, “There’s an eight step process to our research, design and build of an eCommerce website. By doing all that work, we remove most of the stumbling blocks that prevent otherwise ambitious individuals from pursuing their dream of being a self-employed business owner. We have created potentially lucrative opportunities in niches online, with strong SEO and all the analytics set up and ready for you to take over.”

About Data Plus Design
Data Plus Design not only builds websites and has websites for sale, they build website businesses. They identify a category, build a website, and drive customers to that website. They provide ongoing support with in-house business advisors to help clients become successful internet entrepreneurs. For more information please visit: