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Oakland Gardens, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/01/2013 -- Date Agency is for all those singles who find it hard to strike up a face to face conversation with strangers on their very first meeting. Or to simplify it, the online dating site is for all those people who do not really want to spend the time, money and energy to go on a date with the apprehension that he or she would not get along with the other person.Date Agency makes it easier to get to know a person through the virtual world and once some basic ground has been established, people can decide whether to move ahead or if there's no likeness, better move on!

The dating agency website has a free sign up option where users can log in with their registered usernames and passwords. The online profile is visible to all other users of the site where they can chat, privately send messages which only the user can read or browse through each others' pictures and albums.

Online dating scams are on the rise but dating agency's website has a strict privacy policy to keep every user's information confidential and not share it without the prior consent of the user. Once a user begins to browse through the website, he or she can go through hundreds of matching profiles by searching with filter installed with the profile search engine.

Three easy steps make Date Agency return simple and relevant results. Firstly, it is advised to build a complete social profile which primarily includes a profile photo, background information like city or town of residence, job or schools attended, age, etc. Additional info such as likes and dislikes, hobbies, activities and interests can help users find other users based on similar interests. A person who creates a full profile is more likely to end up in majority of search engine filter results. The better visibility in search engine results, the more likely a man or woman will be able to find their perfect match. also gives members an option to upgrade their account with a one time fee. The amount is minimal but gives members added benefits like subscription to their newsletter, happening activities around their social circle and email updates relevant to their submitted interests. Date Agency leaves nothing to chance and gives members the most relevant search profile results to their liking. After that, it is up to the users whether to start a conversation or plan a date together!

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