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Dating Advice for You Chimes in on a Celebrity Breakup and Common Warnings af Marriages on the Rocks

Telltale signs of marriages that are on the brink of dissolution


Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/25/2012 -- Recently a popular actress filed for divorce from one of the top movie stars in the world who was her husband of more than five years. She demanded custody of their daughter and her soon to be ex-husband appeared oblivious of his marriage’s dissolution at the London debut of his latest movie.

“Marriages often end because couples delay seeking professional help to salvage their relationships. Unresolved issues lead both parties to resent each other and ultimately abstract themselves emotionally from the marriage. The toll is even heavier for celebrities, who must live out their relationships in the public eye,” said Dating Advice For You site founder K. Chatman.

One of the most telling signs that marriages are ending is a lack of intercourse. Couples may still participate in this activity but the pleasure is typically one-way. A dearth of intimacy eventually culminates in a breakup due to one or both of the couple’s participants seeking pleasure elsewhere. “Once this happens, trust is broken and typically this marriage could be irreparable,” Mr. Chatman said.

Another telltale sign of a terminal marriage is constant, if not daily, imagination of how greater life would be after divorce. This means that one or both of the marriage participants have given up on resolving marital woes altogether. Thus, they could illustrate this via indifference, spending time away from each other, spending more time away from home, participating in many arguments, and etcetera.

“Resilience is a great skill couples should utilize. They should try to work out their differences and repair and strengthen their marriage moving forward. Divorce cannot only led to financial ruin or difficulties but also family related ones especially if children are involved,” K. Chatman advised.

At times, reconciliation is not ideal or actionable and divorce is the only option as in the case of this famous celebrity couple. Once this happens, it is wise to seek dating advice from a short-listed divorce attorney, conduct assessment of financials, close joint accounts, and so on.

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