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Dating Advice for You Scrutinizes Study Claiming That Playing 'Love Games' Could Develop Into Romance

Pretending to be in love could lead to real feelings


Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/25/2012 -- Faking love could lead to real romance per a University of Hertfordshire psychologist. In a study published this month, this professional proposed that pretending to be attracted to someone raises an individual’s chances of falling in love with this person.

“This study seems to add to the school of thought that behavior develops emotion and vice-versa. In the same way a person feels happy when forced to smile, he or she could become emotionally invested in someone by feigning that emotion,” commented K. Chatman, who runs Dating Advice For You.

Data from experimental speed dates involving around 100 people were analyzed. Participants were encouraged to take actions which include gazing into the eyes, whispering secrets, and exchanging gifts to attract each other. By playing such psychological games, 40%+ of the subjects expressed their desire to see each other again. Only 20% wanted to do so without role-playing.

“Such games could be used not only to trigger romantic bonds but also to bring new life to existing relationships. There may be an opportunity to utilize this type of role playing to help singles start new relationships including knowing where to meet girls if applicable,” Mr. Chatman said.

Some experts believe the study helps to explain the longevity of some arranged marriages, wherein a person’s spouse is decided on his or her behalf by a third party.

“Arranged marriages that last longer than organic ones could be attributed to the thought and consideration that go into these marriages; with the matchmaker factoring in physical traits, values, and life goals. As a result, arranged spouses might be stronger in the long haul as compared to people who blindly marry for love,” K.A. Chatman added.

Organic marriages can also be founded on practical compatibility on top of overwhelming emotions and physical attraction. The ideal long-term relationship combines the pragmatism of arranged marriages and the sexual and spiritual chemistry in romantic marriages.

“All in all, the message of the study is clear. If you really want to change how you think or feel at a moment’s notice, do something. Believe and perceive the ideal romance you are seeking, which can help you eventually achieve it. This is a lesson that applies as much to romance as any other aspect of your life,” Mr. Chatman concluded.

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