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Dating Advice for You Spots New Trend

Pheromone parties gaining traction among speed daters.


Plano, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/25/2012 -- An offshoot of speed dating, the so-called pheromone party is gaining in popularity. Created by an aspiring filmmaker, these parties are a unique and different way to open up conversations.

A pheromone party requires a participant to bring a shirt he or she has stored in a freezer after sleeping in it for three days. The shirt is numbered, tagged, and placed in a heap along with the others. Then all the participants sniff the shirts in search of the one they like. Photos of the participants with their chosen shirts are displayed on a screen thereafter, so they can identify their matches.

“This is surely a more radical form of speed dating. It interests me that the inventor may consider the sense of smell as an effective tool for romance,” K. Chatman, founder of relationship authority site Dating Advice For You, commented.

These parties are based on the concept that animals (humans included) can detect each other’s pheromones, chemicals excreted into the air to elicit an interspecies response. “Pheromone parties are great conversation starters in the scientific community. However, using pheromones for human attraction probably needs more documentation,” Mr. Chatman asserted.

Currently, these parties are part of an ongoing social experiment with plans to be tweaked via the addition of questionnaires and profiles. This can help strengthen the connection of the matches made.

Pheromone parties have not deviated severely from traditional speed dating. “A pheromone party has the practical advantage of utilizing time effectively. It helps identify potential matches and subsequently helps the matches know if a connection is ideal or not,” K.A. Chatman said.

Finally, the notion that participants of speed dating programs are misfits with poor social skills is probably not true. Many singles are busy with work and may lack the time or desire to go out to different places consistently to meet new people and for example to learn how to find a boyfriend.

“People who speed-date usually have high self-esteem. But one may argue that there is no substitute for finding love organically at the supermarket or in the gym,” Mr. Chatman opined.

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