Dating with Bed Bugs

BedBug911 talks picking up a date without picking up bed bugs, too.


Brooklyn, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/05/2016 -- If you've got a functional, beating heart, then chances are bed bugs are not your idea of a good date. But, they might be joining you anyway if you're not careful.

"Many people are surprised when they have an infestation," says an exterminator at BedBug911, "because their homes are usually clean. We try to explain to them that, they could have picked even one up from outside, and that's all it takes." Bed bugs have just become the latest reason to screen your dates.

According to experts at Bed Bug 911, bed bugs can infest areas that we generally trust to be clean. Places like restaurants, movie theaters, or your new TNDR fling's apartment, could be crawling with bed bugs waiting to come home with you. "If the building manager isn't doing his job and getting monthly inspections, it's very possible have an infestation and not know it."

This is bad news for singles, but even worse news for businesses, who will no doubt suffer great losses if come down with bed bug infestation. Because areas like these are popular for dates, and therefore highly trafficked, infestations can rapidly grow out of control if not nipped in the bud.

The good news is, BedBug911 and their bed bug sniffing dog can detect bed bugs before it becomes it becomes an infestation. "Businesses hire us and we come once a month to make sure the place is up to code and bed bug free, we do it for multi-family buildings too." The BedBug911 inspections include the dog as well as a visual check from an expert, a winning combination for the night life.

Doing your homework on a dating venue before going out to meet your next Prince or Princess Charming can protect you from bringing home any unwanted guests after the ball. Make sure the next hot spot you visit gets checked regularly, and always use protection. Mattress encasement's are the perfect way to protect your bed from infestation.

Nothing ruins a night like bed bug bites, and they guarantee you won't be getting that second date. For more bed bug prevention tips, visit the BedBug911 website: