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Dauphin Clinic Pharmacy (Haverluck Enterprises Ltd.) Sponsors Baby and Me Aquafit Classes


Dauphin, MB -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/08/2014 -- The Dauphin Clinic Pharmacy (Haverluck Enterprises Ltd.) is pleased to sponsor Baby and Me Aquafit Classes at the local aquatic center. Overall health and well-being is a top priority for new mothers. These fun classes help them achieve their goals while they bond with their babies.

Aquafit is the formal name for water aerobics classes. Often music is played during the class to motivate participants. The water offers resistance to boost a person's heart rate as they strengthen their muscles. Dauphin Clinical Pharmacy is proud to sponsor Aquafit classes that help customers become fit and healthy.

Baby and Me classes are a golden opportunity for mothers and children to form a lasting bond. Exercising is a positive way to spend time together and get to know each other. Teaching children to exercise at a young age teaches them healthy habits that last a lifetime. The classes sponsored by the Dauphin Clinical Pharmacy started on April 16, 2014 for mothers looking to socialize, get in good shape and spend time with their little ones.

New mothers can burn up to 200 calories or more per hour during an Aquafit class. The calories burned during a single class depend on the person's fitness level, weight and the intensity of the exercises being performed. This is a major benefit for mothers who want to shed a few pounds. It is also an excellent opportunity to spend time exercising with their baby. Dauphin Clinical Pharmacy sponsors Baby and Me Aquafit classes that run every Wednesday from 10:30 to 11:00 am at the Kinsmen Aquatic Center.

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