Dave Noble, Senior Swimming Champ with 13 Records Is a Real World Resveratrol Case Study


Toronto, ON -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/06/2013 -- At 70 years of age, most athletes have long since retired. Not Dave Noble, the competitive swimmer from Missouri who took a 40 year break from the sport to come back at the age of 64 and promptly start breaking records and winning gold medals. Is Dave's secret weapon the red wine molecule known as resveratrol? He seems to believe that resveratrol has made a difference for him, and his accomplishments certainly appear to confirm this.

At the Senior and All Categories swimming events of the recent SMSG 'Show Me State Games', Dave Noble was champion in the 200 yards breast, fly, and backstroke events. To make these records even more impressive, Dave just recovered from serious shoulder surgery.

Dave broke eight different swimming records during the SMSG event . Quite extraordinary for a grandfather who will turn 70 years young this year. It brings back memories of Mark Spitz who won seven gold medals at the '72 Olympic Games in Munich. The energy and stamina required to place, let alone win, in multiple events in the same meet is more than most far younger athletes could begin to muster.

Dave - who hails from Raymore, Mo - was a keen swimmer in his youth but didn't start to swim again competitively until the age of 64, following his retirement from the IT business. Even he is surprised by the success he has had as a senior swimmer. He now holds a total of 13 swimming records.

"I train regularly," Dave says, "and age isn't really slowing me down. At the SMSG event my time for the 200 yard breast was 2:55.57, which is only four-tenths of a second off of my time 5 years ago."

Dave is an good example of an older athlete who is managing to beat the aging process. How is he doing it? Of course a good diet and physical exercise are vital. But Dave is also certain that the phytonutrient normally associated with the red wine grape, Resveratrol, is playing an important part in his impressive sporting achievements.

"I take Transmax Resveratrol, and BioQuench Antioxidant as part of my daily training," Dave enthuses. "I read about resveratrol a few years ago and since I started using the supplement regularly, I can definitely feel the improvement in my energy and stamina levels. My swimming event times show an improvement as well"

Before choosing Biotivia Transmax, Dave did his research into resveratrol. "I wanted a product that was derived from natural plant sources, not synthetic; it had be the more effective trans-resveratrol molecule; and I insisted on a supplement that was made to FDA, cGMP and USP standards. Biotivia ticked all the boxes and I've been with them ever since."

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Dave Noble at the 2013 SMSG ‘Show Me State Games’ athletics event. He broke records in the breast, fly and back competitions.

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