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David Cohn Criminal Lawyer Launches Mandatory Sentencing Provisons Awareness Campaign

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Toronto, ON -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/21/2014 -- Canada offers mandatory sentencing provisions for numerous firearms offenses, yet some provisions have now been struck down by appeals courts. For example, the Ontario Appeal Court found, in a 2013 ruling, that the three-year mandatory minimum sentence imposed on those found possessing a loaded prohibited weapon is actually unconstitutional as it constitutes cruel and unusual punishment. When one is charged with a firearms offense, he or she needs legal representation immediately, and David Cohn Law stands ready to assist those who wish to fight their arrest.

"Many challenge the laws put into place by the federal Conservatives' 2008 omnibus bill. In fact, during the hearing held in 2013, the court actually heard six different appeals involving challenges to mandatory sentencing provisions involving firearms. The goal remains to punish those who are serious criminals while protecting the rights of those who have been a victim to a crime and wish to protect themselves, but now find they are on the wrong side of the law," attorney David Cohn declares.

When law enforcement charges an individual with a firearm offense, David Cohn Criminal Law examines various defenses to determine which will be most effective. In certain cases, the attorney argues a lack of proof of possession, while, in other situations, the search and seizure of the firearm may have been illegally conducted. The attorney examines the specifics of the case to come up with a case specific defense.

As Cohn explains, the average person fails to understand the nuances of the law and how they may apply to a case. Attorneys follow the law closely to monitor any changes and updates, but also to follow pending cases, ones which may impact a client's case favorably or unfavorably. This takes not only time and dedication, but also an understanding of the law and how it is applied in the country.

Mr. Cohn also represents those accused of various other crimes. When one has been arrested for fraud or theft, the prosecution often finds it hard to prove the charges beyond a reasonable doubt, and the attorney works to emphasize aspects of the case which may lead to this doubt. Defenses used in drug cases range from arbitrary detention to illegal search and seizures, while impaired driving charges may be dropped on technical issues.

"Seek legal representation when detained or arrested for a possible crime. The sooner legal representation is obtained, the sooner the attorney may begin investigating the facts of the case to build a successful defense," Cohn states.

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According to 'Counsel for the Defence', David Cohn remains an a-list member of the Canadian defence bar, both past and present, due in part to his practicing at all levels of Canadian criminal court. In addition, Mr. Cohn mentors and advises young attorneys on the law along with cross-examination strategies and techniques. He strives to champion each client's case, while ensuring the client's rights aren't wrongly invaded by any part of the legal system.