David Evans Seeks Funding Through Kickstarter Campaign for Photographing the Maldives Before It 'Drowns'

A travel photographer creates a breathtaking permanent record of an island nation that may be among the first to ‘drown’.


Male, Maldives -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/21/2014 -- The Maldives is kind of like the canary in the coal mine for climate change due to low elevation and vulnerability to sea level rises.

Photographing the Maldives is harder than anyone would expect…as the Lonely Planet guide says regarding the cost of accommodation, ‘ouch!’. Evans has photographed in The Maldives once before, and the other thing that presented an unexpected challenge was the heat and humidity, especially with how poorly film reacts to such a harsh environment.

As a photographer, Evans is frequently moved by the power of the medium to instill meaningful change in human perception and create action.

Seeking to raise awareness, Evans hopes to inspire the public to save places like The Maldives. She doesn’t deserve to drown. There is a sadness that envelops human-kind when beautiful things die. He’d like to remind as many people as he can to cherish and preserve that beauty. She is real and her people are real and they are waving for our help. She represents all our actions and consequences. We can’t let her out of our sight.

His aim is to again visit this reluctant barometer in the real-world high stakes game of climate change, and to create a kind of permanent record by photographing a portfolio of large format panoramic images on film, and from these create large wall canvas prints. These are intended to be windows of peace and beauty in our mostly routine lives, and every day real reminders of the very real possibility of such innocence lost forever.

A seaplane to Maldives can cost upwards of $500, and food and accommodation prices are closely linked to the isolation and travel logistics presented by such a large chain of atolls in the middle of the ocean which is why Evans turned to crowdfunding to help fund this important trip.

This project will only be funded if at least $10,000 is pledged by Sun, May 11 2014 5:55 AM +05:30.

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