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David Foreco Launches Foreco Growth Investments Blog

Leading investor David Foreco has today launched a brand new investment blog called Foreco Growth Investments.


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/17/2014 -- David Foreco, a leading London based investor, has launched his brand new investment blog called Foreco Growth Investments. The blog intends to give help and advice to those new to the investing arena, as well as experienced investors looking for new ideas to expand and diversify their portfolios.

David Foreco has a background in investment, having started his career in London in the early 1990s. Beginning his career as a day trader, he moved on to long term investments, and became notorious for his disciplined strategy of never trading more than 2% of his assets in one single dea.

David then moved on to investments outside of the stocks and shares market he started in, investing in commercial property, as well as exploring a number of alternative opportunities including water infrastructure.

He then began trading commodities alongside stocks, allowing for increased diversification. With the economic downturn in 2008, David invested a large amount of money into classic cars, which he keeps in a secure facility. These have allowed his portfolio to whether the storm of the recession, coming out stronger than ever in 2014.

With over twenty years experience behind him, Davis hopes that through his blog, Foreco Growth Investments, others can learn to take control of their financial futures, much like he has done. He stated:

“Born into a poor Spanish family, I came to the UK in the 1980s with just the suitcase in my hand and the clothes on my back. After discovering a talent for sales, and then taking my first trading job, I learnt to take control of my financial future and isolate my money from the economic crests and troughs, weathering financial storms while reaping the rewards in the good times.”

“With my blog, Foreco Growth Investments, I hope to teach others how to obtain financial independence through a series of responsible investments.”

“Above all, my number one rule is to not risk more than 2% of my assets in a single deal, a lesson I learnt hard in my very first year of investing, which almost left me homeless. My philosophy is responsible investing. In addition to my 2% asset rule, I follow my Formula One idol Niki Lauda’s rule of never taking part in any activity with over 20% risk. That means I avoid any investment where the odds are too high. While this can rule out huge gains, it limits risk, and despite my strict rule I have landed several ten-baggers in my career.”

The Foreco Growth Investments blog is now open for anyone looking to secure their financial futures and taking control of their assets.

“I look forward to helping my readers reach their financial goals” David added.

About Foreco Growth Investments
Foreco Growth Investments is a financial blog by David Foreco, a leading investor working in a cross section of industries. The blog aims to inspire and educate readers about responsible financial decisions and investment opportunities.