DAVID ICKE International Author and Speaker to Appear on the INFINITE HUMAN TALK SHOW on the Voice America Empowerment Channel!


Phoenix, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/08/2024 -- David Icke often referred to as a Conspiracy Theorist will be appearing on The Infinite Human Talk Show to discuss his latest book The Dream. A brilliant and well-researched literally work that explains the mechanics of how we have had consciousness entrapped in an A.I. Dream Spell. His poignant details help to SEE through the illusion and take back our power, our consciousness, and our souls!

The final chapter is entitled "Escape to Infinity". Since our show is called The Infinite Human Talk Show we will be talking about how each one of us can escape this finite A.I. Dream trap and escape into the freedom of Infinity! 

Hosted by Elizabeth Monroy an International Author, Film Director, Producer, Visionary Artist and Talk Show Host. Her genres include Children's books, Romance Novels and her latest book is The Infinite Human, an Ascension Guide.She holds a Masters of Science in Mental Health Counseling and combines her Intuitive abilities to be of service to our Earth and humanity during our current Ascension Cycle, or the RESET TO THE INFINITE.


To be a guest, a sponsor or just ask a question please email: infinitehumanproductions@gmail.com

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