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David L. Moss and Associates - Successfully Representing Landlords in Eviction Cases in NYC

David L. Moss and Associates has a successful record of representing landlords in eviction cases. They can present the client’s case efficiently in Yellowstone actions, Article 81 guardianship and Warrant of Eviction proceedings.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/06/2014 -- Once a landlord allows a tenant to obtain possession of property voluntarily in NYC, removing them is a process that is never easy. David L. Moss and Associates, an eminent law firm, assists clients in evicting tenants for multiple reasons. Specializing in landlord-tenant disputes, they assist clients with efficient legal representation.

“We have a roster of diverse clients ranging from individuals and privately-owned businesses to multi-state companies. Every client is important to our firm and we make sure they are represented efficiently. Our services as a law firm are based on the components of ability, experience and accountability. We look ahead to the opportunity to serve you,” commented a senior lawyer with the firm.

Non-payment of rent is a common reason for the filing of eviction proceedings against tenants. The firm has represented landlords as well as tenants in holdover actions, including failure to maintain insurance, nuisances, lease breaches, illegal alterations, building code and other violations, illegal use of subletting, and violations of the certificate of occupancy and conditional limitations. They have successfully worked for landlords in Yellowstone actions, in many cases preventing substantial loss of income and property damage arising from serious lease violations and non-payment of rent.

Experienced lawyers of David L. Moss and Associates can convince the court about erring tenants and obtain warrant of eviction. As the senior lawyer said, “Ejectment actions differ from holdover proceedings that are initiated in Housing Court. It usually commences when a lease is still in effect preventing the landlord from beginning a holdover proceeding.”

A prominent real estate attorney NYC firm, David L. Moss and Associates has a successful record of representing landlords in Article 81 guardianship proceedings. The article allows the tenant’s representative to seek appointment of a guardian arguing that the tenant is incapable of taking care of own interests. If the court does appoint a guardian, it puts stay on any pending Housing Court litigation and requires the landlord to get approval of the court for any further actions. Know more here about their services.

About David L. Moss and Associates
Legal expertise of David L. Moss and Associates is, for the most part, concentrated in landlord-tenant matters. They have a wealth of experience in all phases of relevant litigation. Well-known among landlord tenant law NYC practitioners, it is a dynamic firm acclaimed for the quality of work. Visit website for more information. They offer candid advice and if they feel legal action is not prudent; they apprise the clients about their concerns.

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