Attorney David W. Long Awarded "Violator of Decency" Award

The Legal Justice Corporation awards attorney David W. Long the "Violator of Decency" Award.


Richmond, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/04/2013 -- While serving as the Vice-Chair of the North Carolina State Bar Ethics Committee, Attorney David W. Long refused to acknowledge unethical behavior by apparent members of the “Good Ole Boys Club” when the matter was presented to him by registered mail. In fact, there was no reply to either the person writing the letter of complaint (Plaintiff) or to the Plaintiff’s attorney. All members of the Ethics Committee (including attorney David W. Long) were sent a copy of the complaint by certified mail … None of them replied. For attorney Long's actions (and lack thereof) the Legal Justice Corporation awards him with the "Violator of Decency" award.

Oddly enough, the Chair of the Ethics Committee, Mark W. Merritt chose to represent the attorney group (Wishart, Norris, Henninger & Pittman – Charlotte, NC) of which the complaint was made. The Legal Justice Corporation questions Mr. Merritt’s attorney/client relationship as a clear conflict of interest and proclaims unethical actions on his part. The Legal Justice Corporation also suspects Mr. Merritt had inappropriate conversation with the committee members. After all, how else would it be that every single member NOT respond to a certified letter of complaint?

Gary G. Gleason, President of the Legal Justice Corporation suspects more than just “foul play”. He states – “There is a very clear system set in place that protects the members of the “Good Ole Boys Club” of North Carolina. He says, “The North Carolina State Bar has no body of government which watches over the actions of the bar and there is no body of government holding them accountable to legal practices. Mr. Gleason further stated, "The North Carolina State Bar operates much like an illegal cartel and it is time to put an end to their ways of operation.”

When a case and/or non-felony police report involving an attorney is presented to the district attorney’s office, it will most likely be ignored while suggesting the matter be turned over to the North Carolina State Bar for review. A private (and in most cases secret) trial system set up for the state’s attorneys. The hearings and exchanged documents are held in secret files that the public is not allowed to see or review.

There have been numerous complaints made against various attorneys and the North Carolina State Bar itself. The majority of these complaints are ignored or hidden away in some secret file.

The attorneys willing to fight the bar are often harassed, audited, and threatened by the bar. Those attorneys are far and few and most often can be found in solo practice … non-members of the “Good Ole Boys Club”.

The Legal Justice Corporation feels it is the duty of the officers and committee members of the North Carolina State Bar to take action against attorneys who show unethical behavior rather than covering up the wrongdoings of the select members of the “Good Old Boys Club”. Attorney David W. Long refused to take the necessary action as Vice-Chair of the North Carolina State Bar and should be removed from his position.

The specific matter that was brought to the attention of the committee members involved attorney Steven B. Ockerman (Wishart, Norris, Henninger & Pittman) who authored a Court Document that was in conflict with itself and was non-enforceable. The matter was uncontested by both parties and only required fixing the typographical error, having both parties resign, and then re-submitting to the Judge for signature. (Something very commonly done) No big deal. Instead, Mr. Ockerman refused to correct his mistake. Even when asked in Court at the withdrawal hearing if he wanted to correct (the Court recognized) mistake. He cowardly walked away from his duty. He breached his own contract. The client had to hire another attorney to fix Mr. Ockerman’s mistake … and after formal complaint - the North Carolina State Bar did nothing. Attorney David W. Long clearly failed in his duty as Vice-Chair of the Ethics Committee.

This type of pompous attitude displayed by the North Carolina State Bar and the fellow members of the “Good Old Boys Club” has to be addressed. The citizens of the great state of North Carolina deserve better. The bullying days of these attorneys must come to an end.