David Tuccaro Is "Bad to the Bone" and He Joins Linzi Levinson, Host of Illuminating Now - Listen on Sept. 3rd and the 10th to This 2-Part Series

David Tuccaro (Ford McMurray, Canada) is “Bad To The Bone” and he joins Linzi Levinson, host of “Illuminating Now”, to discuss the now-released book, Bad To The Bone, by acclaimed author, Oprah’s Ambassador of Hope, Marala Scott. Listen on September 3rd and September 10th to this 2-part series!


Phoenix, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/28/2014 -- Voice America Talk Radio Network, Internet broadcasting pioneer, producing and syndicating online audio and video, today announced that nationally acclaimed, award-winning author, and Oprah’s Ambassador of Hope, Marala Scott (one of her newest books) will be the subject matter on the “Illuminating Now!” Show with host, Linzi Levinson. This show will have guest (and subject of this book) David Tuccaro Jr. and delve into the horrific battle he has suffered with Leukemia. This is a true, and ever-so- heart-wrenching narrative that inspires you to believe when there is no evidence of hope. Mark your calendar for a great hour of listening, 2 weeks in a row!

David Tuccaro Jr. is a Mikisew Cree First Nation. Born and raised in Ft. McMurray, Canada he takes you on a tumultuous journey of self-discovery through pain, hopelessness and the feeling of inadequacy. His father, one of Canada’s most successful business leaders, sets the bar so high that David is fearful of aiming for it. Searching to find his purpose, he desperately attempts to live out his passion. His only reprieve is to dive inside music and find healing from there as he struggles to fit in a world that doesn’t understand him.

Unaware of his horrific fate, David captivates you with a tour through his experiences. He shares the shocking revelation of what happens when you don’t appreciate the value of life. When it’s nearly ripped from him without forewarning, David must find the courage and strength to battle something so vile and vicious, no one believes he can conquer it, because it’s Bad to the Bone!

David is a powerful advocate bringing awareness to the life-saving impact that a donor unselfishly provides. For more information about David Tuccaro Jr. and how to become a donor visit: www.DavidTuccaro.com

Marala Scott is an Award-winning Author and Oprah’s Ambassador of Hope, (In Our House: Perception vs. Reality and Surrounded By Inspiration). Marala Scott takes you inside the horrific battle of a young man with Leukemia and shares the unique perspective of his bone marrow donor. For more information on Marala Scott visit www.maralascott.com.

“This should be a television show done by a conscientious film maker— This story is nothing less than an epic.”
–Peter C. Newman, Legendary Journalist and Author

David will announce the site to register for BONE MARROW DONATION and LINZI Has offered to read all the names of those who register as long as they contact her and let her know they registered (through her email pr FB). This show has a focus on the leukemia story and the bone marrow donation cause.

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Visit http://www.qualityforlifecoaching.com to learn more about Linzi.

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